Ebene News – UA – ‘Cellfie’: ACT Policing apologizes for controversial tweets

ACT Police Department has apologized for controversial tweet comparing ACT Watch House to a “boutique” hotel

“Minimalist decor welcomes guests to one of Canberra’s most exclusive boutique residences,” reads the now-deleted tweet

“With 38 beds, the ACT Watch House is the ideal place to reflect and reflect on your journey in life #cellfie #watchhouse”

But according to Green Minister Emma Davidson, who holds the youth justice portfolio, it is the police who must reconsider their choices

“Considering the mental well-being of the people who end up in the Watch House, I think you need to think about what you are actually achieving with tweets like this,” Ms Davidson tweeted

The post comes after a year the death in custody of American man George Floyd sparked global marches against police brutality

An investigation is underway in Queensland into custody arrangements in watch houses, following the death of Shiralee Tilberoo, 49, at Brisbane City Watch House in September, as well as Vlasta Wylucki, who died at Southport Watch House in 2018 A separate investigation into the death of Brisbane’s mother Cindy Miller at Ispwich Watch House also determined whether police oversight procedures were adequate

Watchhouse ACT itself was the subject of a 2007 Commonwealth Ombudsman report, after a woman was sterilized with a capsicum spray at the City Watchhouse and was not been decontaminated for two hours due to a shift change

In 2017 Greens chief and Minister of Corrections Shane Rattenbury vowed that the ACT government could and would do more to ensure the safety of those in custody, following the death of Indigenous Stephen Freeman at the Alexander Center Maconochia in 2016

Police ACT also drew criticism last week over a social post featuring a photo of five balaclava-clad men wearing Santa hats on top of a police truck

“Here are five people you don’t want to drag into your fireplace this Christmas #tacticalresponseteam #TRT”, states the now deleted post

“Yesterday, ACT Policing posted an article on its social media which featured an ACT Watch House cell,” he said

“As part of its strategy to deter alcohol-related violence during the holidays and New Year’s Eve, the intent of the post was to encourage people to think about their decision-making if a evening leads to being arrested and accommodated at the Watch House Police regularly participate in incidents where a decision affects the victim and the perpetrator for the rest of their lives

“The posts have since been removed as we acknowledged community concerns about vulnerable Canberrans in the court system ACT Policing apologizes to anyone who was offended or challenged the posts

“Earlier this month ACT Policing also posted a post on its social media featuring AFP’s Bearcat and hooded members. This post has also been deleted since”

The spokesperson said ACT Policing’s comments on the tweets have been reported, although “both negative and positive reactions have been received”

“ACT Policing regularly uses humor to share public safety messages with people who otherwise might not be able to engage with the police,” the spokesperson said

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Ebene News – UA – ‘Cellfie’: ACT Policing apologizes for controversial tweets

Source: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7071437/cellfie-act-policing-apologises-for-controversial-tweets/