Ebene News – UA – Facebook can’t be trusted for reliable news, government says as Mark Zuckerberg addresses treasurer

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Facebook’s credibility as a news source should be called into question, according to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher, who warned that the site’s content would now come from groups lacking fact-checking capabilities or strict editorial policies

Facebook banned Australian users from accessing news in their feeds this morning as the government enforces laws that would require it to pay publishers for journalism that appears in people’s feeds

The government has said it is continuing to chat with Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg has already spoken to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this morning

“We want them to stay in Australia, but we also want them to pay for the original content,” he said.

Facebook said the proposed laws fundamentally disregard the relationship between their platform and the publishers who use it to share topical content

He said he was faced with the difficult choice between trying to comply with a law or banning news content on his services in Australia – and “with a heavy heart” he chose the latter

He said Facebook’s decision to cut access to news for Australians raised questions about whether people can trust what they see on the platform

“Facebook needs to think very carefully about what this means for its reputation and reputation,” he told ABC

“At a time when there are already questions about the credibility of information on Facebook, this is obviously something they will have to think about”

Facebook has been criticized for its role in facilitating the sharing of dangerous political content and health disinformation

Australians who woke up on Thursday found that they were not allowed to receive news from the pages of publishers, including news outlets like ABC, non-profits and academic resources

“We will argue that the position taken by Facebook means that the information people see on Facebook does not come from organizations with fact-checking capacity, from paid journalists, with editorial policies,” he said. declared M Fletcher

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said ABC content will remain available through website and app

“Despite key issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic having continued effects on all Australians, Facebook has today removed important and credible news and news sources from its Australian platform,” said he declared

“It is unfortunate that Facebook has taken this position, and it will indeed prevent us from sharing our quality news and information with Australians,” they said.

“No one is profiting from this move because Facebook will now be a platform for disinformation to spread rapidly without equilibrium”

Facebook’s decision to block news content included non-updated pages including Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA

“For us, not having Facebook in the first place, which I totally fear, but the feature of not being able to share news links is so disappointing for us as a business,” at she mentioned

Ms Jones said she has expanded her business reach through social media, including sharing stories from the media

“I actually don’t know what to do because we’ve built our whole business on Facebook and Instagram and as a small start-up milk brand so we’ve relied heavily on content sharing,” he said. she declared

Even Facebook’s ban on international profiles from sharing Australian news content has affected the business in remote Victoria

“We have international farmers following our page, we are a very local brand, but we have international reach for the types of voices we share,” Ms Jones said

Legislation implementing the code was passed by the House of Representatives last night The Senate is expected to pass it next week

Hours after he voted for the bill, shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers took aim at the government

“It’s up to the government to tell us what’s going on here, what they are doing to fix it and what it means for real people trying to access the news

“This will have consequences for people trying to access health news during a pandemic”

Media code is designed to ensure that media companies are fairly compensated for using their content on search engines and social media platforms

Major media companies Seven West Media, Nine and News Corp have all reportedly signed content deals with Google this week

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Ebene News – UA – Facebook can’t be trusted for reliable news, says government, as Mark Zuckerberg addresses treasurer

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-18/facebook-credibility-brought-into-question/13166318