Ebene News – UA – Family court abolished as controversial Senate bill passes

On Wednesday evening, the Senate narrowly passed a bill that will see the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court merge into one, generalized judicial structure

The government passed the bill in the Senate by 30 votes to 28, with support from One Nation and Independent Senator Rex Patrick Labor, Greens and Independents Jacqui Lambie and Stirling Griff opposed the bill law, which effectively abolishes the specialized and autonomous family court

Breakdown: The Morrison government just struck a deal with Senators Pauline Hanson and Rex Patrick to end debate at 9:30 p.m. and pass its sweeping proposal to effectively abolish family court tonight A very sad day Labor , Senators Lambie and Griff and the Greens opposed imageTwittercom / zcMAvVOFRi

The government argued that creating a single point of entry, in a structure known as the Federal Circuit and Family Court, would make it easier to navigate the system, but more than 155 system stakeholders Lawyers, including the Law Council of Australia, signed an open letter to the Attorney General, opposing the bill

Family law advocates say the changes will “increase costs, delays and stress” for families in what is already an overburdened and underfunded court system

“Any reform must strengthen a system, not lead to a decrease in specialization If the reforms proposed by the government continue, we will lose an autonomous higher specialized family court,” the letter said.

“While we support fair, expeditious and inexpensive access to justice and there is a role to play in increasing the efficiency of our justice systems, this must not come at the expense of security children and adults who are victims-survivors of family violence

“These two important imperatives are not mutually exclusive and one should not be abandoned at the expense of the other”

Nassim Arrange, managing director of Community Legal Centers Australia, said the merger would put survivors of domestic violence at unnecessary risk

Horrified that the LNP has just gotten rid of family court What will this mean for the most vulnerable? Especially women and children?

Senator Jacqui Lambie slammed the government’s bill, telling Parliament it was a ‘train wreck in action’ She said overworked family court judges were invited to treat business as if they were on a production line in a “hamburger”

“How is this justice? How does this bring Australian justice, let alone Australian families? Senator Lambie said

This is a huge victory for Hanson What we need is reform of the family court to make it safe for children; do not abolish it This decision does not serve the best interests of children from separated families – and may put them even more at risk https: // tco / aaAkffGVab

Senator Lambie said there must be an urgent increase in funding, telling Attorney General Christian Porter there would be a mental health crisis due to the merger

“If you think the heartache and suicides that take place there are bad enough, if you have a half-conscience, wait and see what comes next because it’s a train in action “Senator Lambie said on Wednesday in parliament

“I hope you can carry it as a companion, because you are going to see a lot more suffering in these families and more suicides I hope you can sleep at night

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Ebene News – UA – Family court abolished as controversial bill passes Senate

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