Ebene News – UA – ‘For we are one and free’: historic change of Australian national anthem

One hundred and forty-three years after its composition and performance, Advance Australia Fair is again updated for what the Prime Minister says is in “spirit of unity”

From January 1, 2021, the second line of the Australian national anthem will change from “For we are young and free” to “For we are one and free”

Governor General David Hurley has accepted the Commonwealth’s recommendation to change the anthem for the first time since 1984

In a statement, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said change is underway for all Australians

“Over the past year we have once again shown the indomitable spirit of Australians and the united effort that has always enabled us to triumph as a nation,” he said. “It is time to ensure that this great unity is reflected more fully in our national anthem

“In addition, while Australia as a modern nation may be relatively young, our country’s history is ancient, as are the stories of the many First Nations peoples whose heritage we rightly recognize and respect. management

“In the spirit of unity, it is right that we make sure that our national anthem reflects this truth and this shared appreciation,” added Mr. Morrison

“Changing” young and free “to” one and free “doesn’t take anything away, but I think it adds a lot”

It was adopted as the country’s national anthem on April 19, 1984, replacing God Save the Queen, which had been in place since the days of British colonization

Prime Minister Bob Hawke last recommended a change to the national anthem to the Governor General in 1984

The historic change to Advance Australia Fair required consultations with State Premiers, State Governors who were advised by the Governor General as well as the Speaker of the Federal Parliament and the Speaker of the Senate

In recent times, leaders from all sides of politics have expressed public support for changing the anthem to better reflect modern Australia and its indigenous heritage

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Ebene News – UA – “Car we are one and free”: Historic change of the Australian national anthem

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