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Many industry players ended April Fool’s Day pranks in 2020 as tension from the emerging COVID-19 pandemic was high, Google included Now for the second year in a row, Google ignores April Fool’s Day 2021

An internal memo sent by Google vice president of global marketing Marvin Chow explains that the company will continue its’ break ‘from April Fools’ pranks in 2021 because’ much of the world ‘is still facing “serious challenges” during the pandemic The message, obtained by Business Insider, reads:

Throughout the past year, I have been so inspired by the usefulness of our products, programs and people during mankind’s most difficult times We have done this with sensitivity and empathy, reflecting the range of difficult experiences many go through in the world

As you will recall, last year we made the decision to suspend our long-standing Google tradition of celebrating April Fool’s Day, out of respect for all those fighting COVID-19. much of the world is still grappling with serious challenges, we think we should pause april fool’s day jokes again this year As we did last year, we need to keep going to find appropriate ways to bring moments of joy to our users throughout the year (eg Doodles, Easter eggs, etc.)

In particular, we thought we spotted one of the company’s potential pranks in Stadia earlier this year The prank reportedly teased the game streaming platform’s ability to stream games over 56K internet connections Google confirmed to us shortly after posting that Stadia will not be featuring April Fool’s Day gags this year

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Ebene News – UA – Google ignores April Fool’s Day 2021, second year in a row – 9to5Google

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