Ebene News – UA – How Today’s New Rules Affect Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Like most things in 2020, New Years celebrations in Victoria will be drastically different from years past

And after Victoria recorded six more cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours until 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, big changes in the number of people you can have in your home have been announced

There will be no official fireworks to see in the New Year in MelbourneCredit: Craig Sillitoe

With no fireworks over Melbourne’s central business district and the density limits that apply in theaters, you’ll need to plan a New Years Eve that goes off without a hitch. Here’s what you need to know

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If you are planning to throw a party, you will need to keep your guest list exclusive this year.Following the changes that go into effect Thursday at 5:00 p.m., the Victorians are allowed to accommodate a maximum of 15 visitors at them by gathering

The Age is still trying to confirm if the Victorians can only have a maximum of 15 people in their home for an entire day

The front and back yard are considered part of the house, so barbecuing in the back with 30 of your closest friends is out of the question. But there is no limit to the number of households these 15 people can come from and babies under one year old are not included in the visitor limit.

Mask rules have also been changed Victorians are now required to wear a mask at all times indoors, including other people’s homes, except when eating and drinking

Acting Prime Minister Jacinta Allan said on Thursday that it was a “creepy and difficult virus, and it does not end at midnight”

“We apologize to the people who have plans in place, who have been looking forward to hosting events at their homes or other people’s homes, but this is a necessary step, it is on the advice that we received, “she said

“If you are planning to leave your home at the moment, we ask people to take their masks with them, now we ask them to wear a mask if they are indoors in a place that is not. not their private home “

Victorian restaurants, pubs and clubs are still subject to density limits of two square meters per person But there are no limits on customers, depending on the size of the venue

You can go out and have fun, but you may need to book in advanceCredit: Luis Enrique Ascui

Sites are required to keep records of visits, whether electronically or with pen and paper, so be sure to log in and out of any location you visit on New Years Eve

Seated entertainment venues, such as cinemas, can have up to 75% fixed seating capacity, with a maximum of 1,000 people

The density limits that apply to reception areas also apply to seating areas in the hall and bathrooms

Remember that starting Thursday 5 p.m. you will have to wear your mask indoors, unless you eat or drink

Health Minister Martin Foley said police would be in force on Thursday evening, ensuring the premises follow the rules

“Victoria Police will ensure that public places are safe, and I urge all Victorians to keep a New Years Eve COVID-free and a summer COVID-free, so we can continue to move forward with the impressive work that we did ”, he says

And don’t forget to bring a mask – they’re always needed on public transport through Victoria, in carpool vehicles and in other situations where you can’t maintain social distancing


If you hope to catch up at one of Melbourne’s public parks, up to 100 people can meet outside in a public place under current COVID-19 rules

Remember to wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze into your elbow, get tested and stay home if you have symptoms of a cold, even mild

Annual fireworks in the city have been canceled Mayor Sally Capp said the move was an attempt to manage crowd size and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19

Lord Mayor Sally Capp announced Melbourne’s plans for New Years Eve last month Credit: Chris Hopkins

“The fireworks are fun to watch, but we just couldn’t risk attracting up to 400,000 people to the city this year,” Cr Capp said.

“We’ve found a safe way to ring in the New Year so you don’t have to spend the night on the sofa with take out”

The city of Melbourne is hosting a two-day outdoor dining festival to make up for the loss of the fireworks The CBD will be divided into 11 neighborhoods with traffic blocked and diners spilling onto the roads and alleys for New Years Eve and New Years Day

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Ebene News – UA – How today’s new rules affect your New Year’s Eve celebrations

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