Ebene News – UA – How Willy’s Wonderland misunderstands Nicolas Cage’s gonzo appeal

Stealing Nicolas Cage from a single reading line is like throwing Gene Kelly to sit in a wheelchair

Willy’s Wonderland is a movie in which Nicolas Cage beats the absolute shit of animatronic puppets possessed by the souls of Satan-worshiping serial killers, which is about as foolproof as it gets a cinematic formula It’s 1 1, man This is baby’s first midnight movie It would take a huge goof to turn Willy’s Wonderland into nothing less than a splash piece I want to project on my living room wall 24/7 at audio levels unsafe for the human ear And yet, and yet, I’m here to point out that Willy’s Wonderland – directed by Kevin Lewis, from a script by GO Parsons – has indeed blundered, and it l ‘spoiled in a central way: Willy’s Wonderland fundamentally misunderstands the gonzo appeal of Nicolas Cage, especially Nicolas Cage at the end of the era

To be honest, I wrote thousands of words for this site even on Cage, and I still have a hard time explaining this call The biggest misconception around this wonderful Oscar winner crazy is that people who love Nicolas Cage profit just from a good car crash The reality is that Cage is amazingly good at what he does, but what he does is different from how 100% of other humans would It doesn’t process or translate onscreen emotions like a person from this Land From Vampire’s Kiss, to the late ’90s holy trinity of The Rock / Con Air / Face Off, and to fares. more recent ones like Mandy and Color out of Space, Cage’s Gift delivered lines – entire performances – as his brain translates the script into a Salvador Dali painting It’s a thrill Watching Nicolas Cage share a scene, it’s like looking at a storm cloud and trying to predict the shape of lightning

Willy’s Wonderland is so keen to take advantage of the ~ Crazy Cage ~ aesthetic but does nothing more than physically place him in a wacky storyline. Cage’s character, credited only as “The Janitor,” doesn’t say a word throughout the movie It’s probably not entirely on Lewis and Parsons’ shoulders; I’m sure Cage himself had his say in the choice but the result is so strangely boring, and keep in mind I’m saying this about a movie where Nicolas Cage sticks his head in. a gorilla robot in a urinal But it’s a gesture that gives Cage nothing to chew on, when the allure of the best performer roles is the unorthodox way he chews Depriving Nicolas Cage of a single line of reading is like throwing Gene Kelly into a wheelchair

(And, to be clear, the energy of Willy’s Wonderland isn’t from the legendary Sleepy Cage strain, something like Bangkok Dangerous, where the actor is in a coma for the entire movie. Cage is still engaged in the aggressive silence of Willy’s Wonderland)

Which isn’t to say that late-career Cage can’t turn a calm character into something catchy.He doesn’t have much more to say than a mute howl of grief in Mandy’s tale of heartbreak. vengeance and demonic bikers from Panos Cosmato He also fits a similar stoic loner stereotype in Prisoners of the Ghostland, Sion Sono’s surreal samurai-western apocalypse that premiered last month at Sundance But what these movies do is give Cage choices.Part of the joy of watching Cage act is seeing what he does with those choices, whether it’s sitting in absolute calm, swallowing a bottle of drinking in his sub or screaming the word “testicle” in a radiated wasteland The only choice Willy’s Wonderland makes is to plunge a silent, emotionless Cage into a crazy situation, which doesn’t do the job. shallow, almost insulting, to assume that the only thing an audience wants from Cage is to exist, like he’s more of a meme than an artist Yes, Cage’s entire career has been constantly, often lovingly remembered in oblivion – Vampire’s Kiss is a particularly iconic case – but that’s not where the creative process should begin.

Here’s the thing: I would still recommend Willy’s Wonderland to anyone who just wants what it says on the tin, because the actual scenes of man-on-puppet violence are viscerally entertaining. I even heard from a friend who goes to another school that it’s a hell of a show getting high But it’s written in stone that a movie can’t be classified as Modern Classic Cage if you could replace Nicolas Cage without much noticeable difference

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Ebene News – UA – How “Willy’s Wonderland” misunderstands Nicolas Cage’s gonzo appeal

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