Ebene News – UA – Infection control official for hotel quarantine resigns after allegedly breaking his own protocols

The infection control officer of the agency running the Victoria Hotel Quarantine program has been removed from his post after allegedly breaking his own protocols twice in the past two months

Government Services Minister Danny Pearson said he saw the reports last night and stepped away from COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Director General Quarantine Victoria (CQV) , Matiu Bush, pending a review of their conduct and behavior

“This problem with [Matiu] Bush is more about [their] attitude and behavior: there were infection control violations, but they were at a very low level,” Mr. Pearson

“Public trust is paramount, and I don’t think the public would want to see someone in a senior management position continue to behave this way, which is why [she was] removed from office “

She said the first incident involved Matiu Bush refused to be tested in a quarantine hotel after a request from ADF staff, but were ultimately tested at another site

“[They] still met the requirement to take a daily test but I understand the staff member commented that [they] didn’t need to be tested on this site, “Ms Cassar said

“We expect the highest standards from our staff, and this has not been the case”

Another incident involved the infection control official having coffee at a cafe and returning to a quarantine hotel without changing masks or disinfecting

Leaked incident reports detailing the violations were published in the Australian newspaper, which also published an internal report contradicting government claims that an outbreak at the Holiday Inn quarantine hotel in February was caused by a prohibited nebulizer

Instead, the CQV infection control report said the “proposed working hypothesis” was that the leak was caused by a member of staff who took an extended time to clean up a guest

“The working hypothesis is still what I understand is that this was caused by the nebulizer,” she said

The Victorian opposition demanded that all incident reports be made public and said the state government had failed to learn from previous quarantine leaks at hotels

“It’s an epidemic that’s waiting to happen, it’s a lockdown that’s waiting, because the government hasn’t learned the lessons and still can’t get it right,” said Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien

Victoria recorded no new locally acquired COVID-19 cases today for the 68th day in a row

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Matiu Bush

Ebene News – UA – Infection control official for hotel quarantine resigns after allegedly breaking his own protocols

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