Ebene News – UA – Kilauea warning: Hawaii volcano has awakened and fierce eruption could last for years

Professor David Rothery was speaking after the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) confirmed details of a glow in Halemaumau Crater atop Kilauea, indicating that an eruption was underway Kilauea has been calm since 2018, when an eruptive phase that began in March and lasted until August caused extensive damage in the southeast corner of the Big Island of Hawaii, destroying nearly 700 homes and leaving thousands homeless

When asked if it was reasonable to conclude that a new phase of activity was underway, Professor Rothery, professor of planetary geosciences at the Open University, told Expresscouk: “Obviously yes

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“If lava erupts on the flanks, the potential for the lava to cause damage depends on what is downstream of the newly active vent

The dramatic images from the top of the volcano are reminiscent of scenes from 2018, when islanders were forced to battle harmful vapors known as vog

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A lava trail also made its way to the ocean, reacting with the water to produce another dangerous substance called laze – essentially volcanic glass

An HVO update released last night said: “Due to the presence of the water lake atop Kilauea and the potential for steam explosions and associated dangers, the HVO has raised the level of Kilauea volcano alert to WARNING and its aviation color code to RED on December 20 as the progression of events was uncertain

“The lake of water at the top of Kilauea boiled and an effusive eruption began, with three vents in the wall of Halema’uma’u crater generating lava flows that contribute to the growth of a lake of lava at the base of Halema’uma’u crater

“The HVO has reduced the Kilauea volcano’s alert level to WATCH and its aviation color code to ORANGE, reflecting the less dangerous nature of the ongoing eruption”

Speaking at the height of the 2018 eruption, Harry Kim, then mayor of Big Island at the time, told Expresscouk: “Some of your readers might think this is a common occurrence, but it’s unprecedented

“We are passing through something on Big Island that no living person has ever experienced before

“One of the things about this type of emergency is it’s not like a tsunami or an earthquake, where you can tell when it’s over

“This situation is unique – there is not a living scientist who would dare to make a prediction on when it will end”

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Ebene News – UA – Kilauea warning: Hawaii volcano has awakened and fierce eruption could last for years

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1375461/kilauea-news-hawaii-volcano-eruption-laze-vog-caldera-crater-hvo-usgs