Ebene News – UA – Live updates from the 2021 NRL Round Four: Manly Sea Eagles vs. Penrith Panthers in Lottoland

He went straight into the tunnel there, squeezing a hip, side, or lower back somewhere in that region Looked in pain too A tough night for Manly getting harder and harder as their ranks are thinning by the minute

This is bad news for Manly, Boyle in obvious discomfort, so no surprise to hear this confirmed Meanwhile, DCE has a crack there and is stopped by Kikau, who appears to have cloned himself in recent weeks

So much for the HIA Poor old Manly Morgan Boyle was dying in the backseat, a suggestion he dislocated his shoulder, and the game continues for a few more games and Kikau barges in. hits he is for the Panthers, those edges like him and David Fifta are so precious in modern play

Kikau is out there and ready to ride again so he’s been cleared Jake Turbo also gives the Sea Eagles a ride and he wants them to fight really hard here Des Haslers – firm but hard – at the break apparently Ivan Cleary felt his team had fallen in the later stages of half-time and he would be right

Nice streak of play for Manly before the break, a 40-20 from DCE but they can’t play that on the scoreboard Still the last 10 minutes looked a lot better and Penrith asked Kikau for a HIA and he didn’t look good It’s great to see Manly showing some heart here, we might even end up with a half game on their hands if they can land a shot early in the second half time

Crichton saves the day for the Panthers as Sean Keppie makes his way past the posts Kikau is also in there in the tackle And now Kikau has come down the tunnel to get treatment after that big contact, it didn’t Looks like something serious I would say HIA Yet good from Manly there although he lost it trying to plant it over the line The score remains 22-6 at the Panthers close half-time

So about five minutes before the break and a little bit of joy for the Sea Eagles It was good to see, I hope they can have some confidence and momentum now and try to get back into the competition

They went close there, decent set on the Panthers line and they earn a second set They spent all night spinning it side to side and dropping it and it was a lot more direct And they are FINISHED! Cade Kust, handsome young guy game He’s under the sticks

A forward pass from the dummy half, nek minnute Toâ ???? o is over again Shane Flanagan saying it’s not a freshman standard and he’s right Unfortunately there are a few teams that fall under this category this season He’s now 22-0 with 15 minutes left in the half

We fight to finish a set here and there, we go back they keep making mistakes on the left edge Fighting there DCE barely kicked a ball Now Cleary dabs early, tough race, Manly is working tough and still and frustrated with handling, DCE now kicks early and leads the chase Good players on a struggling squad

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Ebene News – UA – NRL 2021 round 4 LIVE Updates: Manly Sea Eagles vs. Penrith Panthers at Lottoland

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