Ebene News – UA – ‘Massacre as if it were nothing’: emotional hearing for woman who beheaded her mother

The sister of a Sydney woman who beheaded their mother told a court she would never forgive her

Jessica Camilleri was convicted last year of manslaughter after repeatedly stabbing her mother, Rita, in the kitchen of their St Clair home in 2019

Trial found the 27-year-old was in a fit of rage and suffering from multiple mental disorders at the time

Her sister, Kristy Torrisi, held back tears today as she told a court of the anxiety, pain, depression and anger she feels after her mother was taken by ‘selfish hands’ of his own sister

“She was killed and slaughtered like she was nothing,” Ms Torrisi said at a sentencing hearing at the Supreme Court of New South Wales

Ms Torrisi said Jessica was repeatedly offered help from family and professionals, but it was her own choices in refusing this help that brought her to court

“She had a heart of gold and always put others before herself, including Jessica,” Ms. Torrisi said.

“There isn’t a day that I don’t think of my mother’s contagious smile, her cheeky little laugh, or wishing her name came back on my phone”

Rita Camilleri’s sister Mary Hill told court that Rita’s “unconditional love” for her daughter was “remarkable”

Ms Hill also said that until there is more funding for mental health services, courts will see more “tragic cases”

“I pray that Jess gets the help she needs, so that Rita can rest in peace knowing her daughter is being taken care of by a system that is failing her”

Rita Camilleri’s niece Stephanie Cook also said the family has been abandoned by a poor mental health system

“Jessica scares me I’m scared the day I lay eyes on her again without [her] being behind bars”

Camilleri’s lawyer Nathan Steel said she had shown remorse, including in a letter to her family

She wrote: “It didn’t hit me at first, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks, like a mountain

M Steel also referred to Camilleri’s immediate confession to police on the night of the murder and said she gave an “extraordinarily candid account”, contrary to her own interests.

The court has already heard that Camilleri initially accused her mother of attacking first, but then dropped this version of events and admitted that she was the aggressor

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Jessica Camilleri

Ebene News – UA – “Massacre as if she were nothing”: emotional hearing for a woman who beheaded her mother

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