Ebene News – UA – ‘Miss Congeniality’ at 20: Why Has Hollywood Ditched the Low Budget Female Comedy Vehicle?

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The Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality vehicle was released 20 years ago today, long enough that some aspects of the movie couldn’t help but look dated The FBI Agent Boy Set Up Missed learning a new respect for more conventional girls by going undercover at a beauty pageant clearly looks like the ’90s, a retort to a perceived closeness of mind in the workaholic feminism of the time Some of the panicked gay men of the Bullock’s opposite romantic, Benjamin Bratt, about Michael Caine’s preeminent coach, would likely be left on the cutting room floor these days not to mention the finale that culminates with a bomb exploding to destroy a fake Statue of Liberty, the kind of blow that would be unthinkable as early as nine months later, in the post 9/11 world But perhaps the most distant notion of all is that of a Sandra Bullock vehicle in the first place.

Whether it’s not a challenge to Ms. Bullock’s abilities or fame, but rather the industry that once offered them a platform worthy of today’s Hollywood is almost entirely devoid of projects like Miss Congeniality. for stars like Sandra Bullock, a once hardy breed of blockbusters that has all but disappeared Executives moved away from star-directed studio comedy, their bread and butter just a decade and a half ago, and with it, they’ve strayed from the right path A look back at the landmark performance de Bullock will overwhelm any viewer over 25 with memories of those nicer times and the simple pleasures that came with high-design premises executed with wit and charisma We were so good at it, and their booty was so good It is hard not to wonder what happened

Executives moved away from star-driven studio comedy, their bread and butter barely a decade and a half ago, and with it, they’ve strayed from the right path

Miss Congeniality falls into a personal category that I have mentally labeled The System Works Movies ™, examples of the showbiz machine working as intended We start off with a promising fish-out-of-water dynamic that can create comedic conflict , challenges to overcome and character growth to endure This is literal writing to the letter, its clearly defined three-act structure ticking all the boxes There is one relatable flaw (Bullock is a huge klutz, which among us can’t relate), hilarious sidekick (at maximum funniness Caine kills every line), an arc leaving the protagonist changed for the better (instead of chasing her emotions, our daughter comes in touch with her feelings) through clever writing and a free and sympathetic twist from its principal, this film and those of its ilk turn the formula into something heartwarming rather than numbing It’s like the first time you hear a perfect pop song you already know how the chorus goes

While attempts to emulate this particular model of success have resulted in many terribly bad films, they have also produced some of the best that American comedy has to show for itself in the past few decades. Marvelous Legally Blonde is Miss Congeniality’s negative twin, reversing the equation so Reese Witherspoon’s powder puff ends up among alpha females instead of the other way around Before both of them, Julia Roberts transplanted the ‘golden-hearted whore’ trope personified into tony Beverly Hills interiors with Pretty Woman Sister Act Fit Profile, as Whoopi Goldberg’s rude lizard hides from the Mafia in a convent From a slightly newer vintage, the most recent vintage I can think of, we have Easy A in 2010 Emma Stone is a fish out of the adult waters of sexuality, a silly but unusually attractive virgin posing as the fireplace that everyone assumes it is anyway

These titles were gargantuan hits for their studios, all breaking the $ 100 million mark except for Easy A, which reached a gross amount of $ 75 million (quite impressive compared to its budget of $ 8 million) They weren’t all this cheap to make, but they were well under the inflated budget demanded by a given CGI show More importantly, they are easily translated into presentation meeting shorthand, which simplifies publicity; you hear “Reese Witherspoon is going to Harvard Law” and the movie immediately begins to take shape in your head For so long, this was the way business was done, with calculated risks occasionally generating a surprise move to compensate for the flops With luck, a new movie star can be struck with a hit like this, bringing with it the promise of new payrolls for the studio cultivating its popularity.

But a look at the images in the Easy A timeline as the end of an era, the last hurray before efforts to support this type of filmmaking become scarce and ineffective Solo comedies for actresses at peak of their form practically disappeared over the course of 10 years, as Tinseltown repeatedly failed to sell America on a new sweetheart and then seemed to lose interest in doing so Trainwreck from 2015 predicts a bright future for Amy Schumer, a profitable business that doubles as a showcase for a winning personality with an original and atypical look It took two years to bring her back to the cineplexes, with the terrible punch of Snatched (she and her mom Goldie Hawn get kidnapped in the jungle) and I Feel Pretty (a head injury imbues a gentle woman with dizzying self-height reckons), both of whom took Rebel Wilson two Pitch Perfects to get his own snap – we’re downsizing How to be Single, with Dakota Johnson leading the pack – then two more to bring up the deconstructionist romcom parody of Isn’t It Romantic in theaters by 2019 “It’s not romantic, no,” the audience responded, avoiding the film with $ 6 million opening weekend

Melissa McCarthy seems to be the spoiler of this critical framework, but I would say the 2015 Hysterical Spy looks more like the exception proving the McCarthy rule exploded in the wake of Bridesmaids in 2011, a whole lot more piece Close to the Apatow mold than the standard of studio comedy Teaming up with writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, as well as director Paul Feig, then worked for her, and the reunion with Feig again worked on Spy But She didn’t. ‘is as good as the material she works with, as we’ve learned from her many unfortunate collaborations with her husband Ben Falcone (The Boss, Life of the Party, The Happytime Murders, Superintelligence) She’s had more than her fair share. share chances, but there is still a strong scent of BS in the way Schumer and Wilson struggled to find scripts worthy of their skills Meanwhile, it seems like six months cannot go by without u Another parody of bank action, repeatedly forgiven Kevin Hart

He was able to create his own part of a franchise-obsessed entertainment economy, in which characters a studio can own and control become stars while the actors who portray them can be interchangeably swapped out when their contracts are getting too expensive Any leader worthy of his rolodex would rather receive an almost guaranteed payout of $ 800 million on a budget of $ 200 million – who won’t show up for Avengers 5? It’s too big to fail! – than to roll the dice on a $ 30 million production that could come up with bupkus The Cumulative Effect is an illusion in which Hollywood no longer has the movie stars to fuel the image on a human scale, but it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that only makes the cinema landscape flatter and more boring

A whole generation of female talent has been denied its chance in this version of the big moment, with no choice but to be content with admirable bodies of work oriented around independent spheres Haley Lu Richardson, for example, has us given tangible proof that she can do some pretty funny things (see: Support Girls) and that she’s a good actress (see: Columbus) Where’s her Miss Friendliness? Or America Ferrera, so reliable in the five years she’s been on TV’s Best Sitcom Superstore? Or the much underrated Teyonah Parris (above), bristling with jokes in Dear White People? Anna Faris had her Miss Congeniality moment in 2008 with The House Bunny, and she stuck landing Where’s the rest of her career on the big screen? At least Tiffany Haddish seems to be doing well on her own

Thinking that Miss Congeniality could one day be a relic of a forgotten movie mode is grim, but the good news is that it’s not beyond salvage The catch is, restoring this once tradition proud of its former glory will require more than the simple will to do so In these films there is no digital smoke or mirrors to insert in post-production as a cover for lack of expertise. Nothing but good writing, directing and acting. old-fashioned actor can’t make The System Work as hard a course of action as anything else in life worth taking Fortunately, the Class of 2021 is more than up to the task We have plenty of Sandra Bullocks waiting behind the scenes

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Miss Congeniality

Ebene News – UA – “Miss Congeniality” at 20: Why has Hollywood given up on low-budget female comedy?

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