Ebene News – UA – NSW-Vic border closure sparks vacationer exodus

Victoria will close its borders with New South Wales from 1159h tomorrow Victoria’s acting Prime Minister Jacinta Allan announced the decision at a press conference late after -mid

On the south coast of New South Wales, movements are already underway as the Victorians do their best to avoid another 14-day quarantine period

There were similar scenes on the NSW North Coast in the late afternoon as campsites cleared up as gear packed and cars loaded for the long trip to the south

Merimbula Visitor Information Center manager Chris Nicholls said Victorian-era visitors normally accounted for around 70% of vacation traffic on the Far South Coast, so the announcement closure of the border caused unrest

“Most people have heard the news and are in the process of canceling their accommodation or have already decided to leave”

Gayle Hull, from Woonona, is staying at Narooma’s Island View Resort with his family, said: “It’s heartbreaking to see Victorians packing their bags on New Years Eve

“They’ve already been through so much this year. Many tell us they’ve had a glimpse of freedom but are devastated, it’s over so soon”

As many pack their bags home after Thursday’s announcement, Jodie Hilliers of South Seas Motel in Merimbula said cancellations started on Wednesday

“We have had over 25 calls for cancellations as of Wednesday, people started to get a little nervous about Melbourne coming back to lockdown,” Ms Hilliers said

She said up to five families had already left Thursday afternoon and many more were packing to do so

Facebook pages offering accommodations after cancellations are already on the rise.If you’re looking for a place to stay on the South Coast of NSW, check out the NSW South Coast Holiday Accommodation (Australia) group

Tathra Beachside general manager Carmen Risby said she was inundated with calls on Thursday afternoon and had to ask people to request cancellations in writing via email

“We were not able to handle the volume of incoming calls,” said Ms Risby

“We try to be empathetic and understanding of everyone, but people ask what’s going on with the border, what Gladys [Berejiklian] is doing, what Dan Andrews is doing – and some of those questions are the same as we ask “

Ms Risby said the caravan parks on the Victorian side of the border were overwhelmed by an influx of returning families and had to send people back

“They’re full and there’s nowhere to go, the highway is bumper to bumper – and I don’t think the hysteria created by the ad, I certainly don’t think so that the consequences have been taken into account, ”she said

“Luckily we’re pretty close to the border, but what about the ones further north like Byron Bay, how are they supposed to get home in time?”

M Nicholls and Ms Risby noted the ironic coincidence of having to help thousands of visitors leave the area exactly one year apart for two separate emergencies

“It was a few days after saying goodbye to everyone last year when we had the fires,” said M Nicholls

“We know what happened last year,” Ms Risby said “It took 17 hours to get to Cooma and the exact same thing is happening exactly one year later, I have the feeling like we should have learned our lesson “

“It’s about the mental well-being and livelihoods of families at what was supposed to be a happy time”

She said she feared for the large number of Victorians now rushing south and that stronger leadership at the federal level could have prevented a leadership on short notice to pack their bags and leave

“This is a major wake-up call for the federal government to step in and write a federal code”

Ms Risby said the only advantage for accommodation providers on the coast was that, unlike last year during the fires, the far south coast is still open to vacationers and remains a beautiful place to visit for those from NSW and other states authorized to travel

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Ebene News – UA – NSW-Vic border closure triggers exodus of holidaymakers

Source: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7072018/nsw-vic-border-closure-sparks-holidaymaker-exodus/?cs=14264