Ebene News – UA – Rachel Ward lashes out amid false rumor on northern beaches

Posted: 01:53 GMT, December 22, 2020 | Update: 03:58 GMT, December 22, 2020

Australian actress Rachel Ward attacked trolls behind vicious and fake viral rumor that claimed she and her husband Bryan Brown were the ‘super-spreaders’ behind a Covid-19 cluster outbreak on the beaches of northern Sydney

Ward posted on Instagram last night, urging the trolls to ‘go after another witch’ as ​​she and her husband were falsely identified in an online discussion as the anonymous couple who failed to isolate itself in the Covid-riddled area

Ward said she has been on the north coast of central NSW for 10 days, doesn’t have a personal trainer (as a tale claimed) and that she had also not been to the US in over five years (as another account claimed)

Australian big screen legend Rachel Ward shared this photo of herself cuddling a marsupial to tell the trolls, ‘Choose another witch’

Ward and her husband Bryan Brown fell victim to a bizarre and untrue rumor that they were the Avalon cluster’s Covid super-spreaders On the right, the photo Ward posted with Dr Zach Bush in March qualifying the coronavirus of “ stupid ” and “ just another flu ”

The false rumor has spread in recent days – much like a highly contagious virus – via the popular Northern Beaches Facebook groups

He was definitely put to bed by Ward, Brown and their daughter Rosie in respective media statements on Monday

Some followers have suggested Ward may have been intentionally targeted by trolls after posting on Instagram in March that the virus was “ just another flu and will pass as the northern hemisphere moves forward. spring ”

“You realize you are being targeted after your March 12 post goes viral,” one follower informed her

This controversial post remains on his Instagram, but was posted at a time when less was known about the virus that has since pushed Australia’s two largest states to lockdown on different occasions

Anytime Fitness Avalon, who was sometimes named in fake stories, refuted a false rumor about a personal trainer

At all times, Fitness Avalon was forced to issue a desperate message telling its subscribers that the false rumor was ‘by no means correct’

The bizarre story was ruled definitively false after NSW health director Kerry Chant said on Monday those who contracted the virus should not be vilified

‘It is really essential not to call those involved in this epidemic or send myths around who is spreading it, to whom and who has contributed and who sowed it

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Rachel Ward

Ebene News – UA – Rachel Ward lashes out amid false rumor on northern beaches

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9077587/Rachel-Ward-lashes-amid-false-Bryan-Brown-northern-beaches-cluster-rumour.html