Ebene News – UA – South Africa unlikely to return to Super Rugby: Marinos

Any chance that South Africa will return to Super Rugby in the foreseeable future is minimal to none

This is the point of view of new Rugby Australia general manager Andy Marinos, who does not see relations between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa repaired anytime soon

– I don’t think [South Africa will return to Super Rugby] in the foreseeable future, â ???? Marinos said after revealing Harvey Norman as the main sponsor of Super Rugby AU – The decision that was taken certainly created a distance between old traditional rivalries

– South Africa is gone now and will play in the Pro16 This will also give us the opportunity to settle into a facility in the Australasian region And see how it grows over time

– You can’t ignore the challenges of the old construction of Super Rugby The Tyranny of Distance, of flying to another geography and getting back up mentally and physically It was really tough Young men take the time to adjusting to this Where we are now is really good for Super Rugby to restart itselfâ ????

Relations between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa brought rugby into the professional era However, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly changed that relationship

South Africa felt short of things changed by Australia and New Zealand’s insistence on moving forward with a trans-Tasmanian competition The Springboks then withdrew from the rugby championship at the 11th hour, causing further friction

This friction will likely lead to the inclusion of a Pasifika or Japanese team – ???? not South African sides – in any extension of current competitions

– It’s part of the agenda We had [Japan’s] participation in the last iteration of Super Rugby and I think it served Japanese rugby really well, â € “ Marinos said – They have now improved their competition and have a more professional appearance We will definitely be in contact with them because I think there is a lot of value

– It’s exactly the same with the Pacific Islands The Drua came to the NRC in recent years, they played really well They won it one of those years

– There is no doubt about their high performance capability This is about making sure we can move between different countries and get the right competition model that makes sense to the fans and all of our business partners and playersat ????

On the pitch, Marinos will ensure that referees are held accountable for enforcing new rules aimed at a new breed of rugby fans

– A referee is like a conductor We have to make sure, and I think the guys really understand, that this is an entertainment product, â ?? he said

– And we have to make it entertaining for the fans We don’t want to get too bogged down in over-handling certain situations

– The refs were really good They were brought in and part of the process Let’s wait and see what happensâ ????

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Ebene News – UA – South Africa unlikely to return to Super Rugby: Marinos

Source: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/south-africa-slim-chance-of-ever-returning-to-super-rugby-marinos-20210219-p5744w.html