Ebene News – UA – Swimmer Shayna Jack turns to audience for donations to fight to clear her name

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has made a moving appeal for funds as she continues the fight to clear her name after being banned for doping violation

Jack’s career is currently on hold as she is serving a two-year suspension after traces of the banned anabolic agent Ligandrol were found in her system in 2019

An initial four-year ban – the standard sanction for a drug-related offense – was cut in half after an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport found the substance had not been intentionally ingested

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But Jack still faces the possibility of serving the full four years after Sport Integrity Australia and the World Anti-Doping Agency filed their own appeals with Cas in November last year.

On Thursday, she launched a public appeal for help in raising funds to continue her fight after “exhausting her savings”

“I have exhausted everything in the last 19 months of fighting and to continue my fight I now need your help,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram as she launched a page GoFundMe

Earlier this month, Jack revealed the emotional and financial consequences of the case, which left her wondering if it was worth it.

“In my first lawsuit I took action against Sports Integrity Australia and my family and I spent $ 130,000 in total,” Jack said

“However, I proved that I did not intentionally ingest this substance which is why the two year ban was given to me and I hit her on the chin and I was looking forward to return to my sport in May 2021

“But unfortunately, they decided to take it all back from me To get me through the heartache”

Jack has always maintained that she did not knowingly take a prohibited substance, and suggested that the presence of Ligandrol in her system could be due to a contaminated blender being used by her partner or brothers.

Jack was a member of Australia’s Commonwealth Games gold-medal relay team but the case blocked a promising career The two-year ban has already ruled him out of competition at the Tokyo Olympics of this year A four-year sanction, if successful appeal from SIA and Wada, could end the 22-year-old’s career

“It breaks my heart every day, I can’t be in the pool with my teammates,” said Jack, holding back tears “It breaks my heart every day that I’m still dealing with these people in which I constantly feel myself fighting

“I would like to ask for your help to keep fighting I don’t have the funds and neither do my family If I don’t fight I can potentially get the maximum ban because I can’t defend myself in of my next call “

Shayna Jack, Australia

Ebene News – UA – Swimmer Shayna Jack looks to the public for donations to fight to clear her name

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