Ebene News – UA – Urgent offer to stop logging of parrot habitat

An urgent offer to prevent logging in the habitat of the critically endangered Swift Parrot in Tasmania will run into court unless an interim deal is reached to protect the trees important

The Bob Brown Foundation has sought an injunction from the Federal Court to protect more than 3,200 hectares of native forest in the east of the island

Judge Kerr tasked state-owned forestry company Sustainable Timber Tasmania with reaching an agreement to stop logging of cuts containing certain foraging and nesting trees by the hearing

The lawyer representing Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Shaun McElwaine SC, told the court that there were only three logging operations in the area in progress or in anticipation of imminent logging activity

He said the old trees, the likely nesting sites of Swift Parrots, had been mapped and could not be felled

The Bob Brown Foundation says the Eastern Tiers forest has been identified as important habitat by scientific experts

They say an injunction to stop logging is urgently needed in the middle of the parrot’s summer breeding season

Federal Court ruling pending in broader logging lawsuit by Dr. Brown against Sustainable Timber Tasmania and state and federal governments over logging deals that his foundation considers illegal

Dr Brown was arrested twice last week, along with several other activists, during anti-logging protests in eastern Tasmania

A recent study found that there were less than 300 migrating swift parrots left in Australia

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Ebene News – UA – Urgent offer to stop logging of parrot habitat

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