Ebene News – UA – Victorian teenage girl did ‘absolutely the right thing’ after catching coronavirus in New South Wales

Victoria has recorded a positive coronavirus case from a returning traveler who allegedly contracted the infection in the beaches area of ​​northern NSW

The Department of Health and Human Services said the person has had a limited number of close contacts, but investigations are continuing

“At this point there are no exhibition sites, but if that changes we will provide further updates,” the department said on Twitter

“Anyone who has returned from the Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney or Central Coast area must be tested and quarantined for 14 days”

NSW health officials today reported that eight more people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the state, with the northern beaches group rising to 90

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley said the case was a 15-year-old girl from the municipality of Moonee Valley, northwest Melbourne, who returned home with her mother on December 17 and had isolated herself when she arrived in Victoria

“My understanding is that the youngster had family ties to the northern beach area and had been exposed to several high-risk exposure sites,” said M Foley

“The Avalon RSL, the Avalon Bowling Club, the fish and chips listed. A whole range”

“All close family contacts have been interviewed and the health ministry is following up on any close secondary contact,” said M Foley

“All close contacts will be compulsorily quarantined for 14 days and will be retested on day 11

“As the family was isolated at home, at this point there are no known exposure sites in Victoria”

M Foley added that contact tracers were checking the family’s phone data as part of the process

He acknowledged that this was a step forward in the process, but said he was not deployed for every case

“It depends on the circumstances, but given the importance of this case and now 53 days of Victorian transmission without community, we are putting all the resources and efforts available to make these 53 days last,” he said. he declares

Testing commander Jeroen Weimar said the girl and her family did “absolutely the right thing”

He said detailed talks on their movements began immediately after the release of their test results yesterday afternoon

“For the family that is at the center of it all, it is a painful and complex thing for them to live and manage,” he said

“We must treat this with respect and integrity, and make sure that we provide all the necessary support to this family so that they can isolate themselves safely. This is our job”

M Foley said at least 17 people who arrived from New South Wales, including a family of five, had been transferred to the Victoria hotels quarantine program

“These are 17 people who will be spending their Christmas and New Years, not as they planned, but under hotel quarantine conditions,” he said

He said the message for anyone who was in a “red zone” trying to enter Victoria was: “Don’t”

“You will not enter, and if you do, you will be spending your Christmas and New Years time in hotel quarantine

“Of the 4,000 people who have already returned from the Orange Zone and have been tested, the good news is that none of them returned a positive test”

M Weimar said some of the 17 people traveled to Victoria over the weekend after visiting Sydney’s northern beaches

“We have been very clear, as New South Wales has also said: ‘You can’t leave the northern beaches hot spot You have to stay home isolated’

“We clearly have a number of people who disregarded this advice, arrived at one of our airports and were therefore placed in hotel quarantine”

M Weimar said any easing of border restrictions if NSW continued to report low numbers of new cases was up to the director of health

M Weimar said state health officials conducted 15,521 coronavirus tests yesterday and some testing stations were particularly busy

He said 20,000 people who visited what were then ‘orange zones’ in New South Wales applied for permits to enter Victoria over the weekend They would all be prosecuted to determine if they entered the state, to ensure they had been tested

Health authorities have identified 300 people who were in the red or orange zone and which they continued to pursue for testing and isolation

As of noon yesterday, 4,000 applications had been received from Victorians returning from the red zone, he said

“Last night at midnight we closed our borders to all returning travelers from the Greater Sydney and Central Coast areas,” he said

“From now on, anyone who leaves these areas, Victorian or otherwise, will not be able to pass through our land border checkpoints. They will be turned back”

Responding to a question from a journalist, Mr. Weimar has confirmed that everyone, including the Victorians, who are in a “red zone” in New South Wales trying to get to Victoria by road is being turned away

“We do not run a quarantine service in hotels for tens of thousands of people,” he said

“So if you didn’t come back as a returning Victorian last night, you, respectfully, cannot come back until this crisis is over”

The health department said no new cases have been reported as locally acquired and two international travelers have tested positive, bringing the total number of active cases to 11

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday announced 15 new cases of COVID-19, fewer than the day before, bringing the total number of the northern beaches outbreak to 83

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Victoria COVID Case

Ebene News – UA – Victorian teenage girl did ‘absolutely the right thing’ after contracting coronavirus in New South Wales

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