Ebene News – UA – WA on alert at border with Victoria as three community cases of COVID-19 detected in Melbourne

WA’s border arrangements for arrivals from Victoria could be subject to change as health officials assess risk of spread after three new community cases of COVID-19 were detected in Melbourne

None of the infected Victorians had recently visited NSW, but contract tracers are questioning their close contacts and the cases are believed to be linked to the outbreak in the north of the country

Health Minister Roger Cook says hard border is important to keeping WAC safe Credit: Peter de Kruijff

Washington State’s controlled border with Victoria remains the same for the time being, no quarantine is required upon arrival from Eastern State

A WA government spokeswoman said acting health official Paul Armstrong is now in contact with his Victorian-era counterparts and is monitoring the situation closely

“Currently travel to Washington State from Victoria under the current interstate controlled regime remains the same, however, if changes to our border controls are required based on health advice, they will be brought “, she said

“WA has always taken an extremely careful approach, to keep our state safe and strong, and we continue to be guided by our expert health advice”

Melbourne’s business is located in the suburbs of Mitcham, Mentone and Hallam and comes as Victoria tightens border measures with neighbor to the north

New South Wales recorded 18 new cases on Wednesday, including six in the suburb of Croydon, western Sydney

Victoria is currently considered a very low risk jurisdiction but could move to low risk status if the state continues to register fewer than five community cases per day

Low-risk shift would mean travelers from Victoria would have to be quarantined at home for 14 days once in WA

Health Minister Roger Cook said on Wednesday, ahead of the Victorian cases, the ability to put up a hard border was an important part of keeping West Australians safe

“Indeed, as we see the situation in New South Wales continuing to deteriorate this is a very concerning development, but I can assure West Australians that we have responded to emerging issues in New South Wales and as a result we have put our hard border back in place, “he said

New South Wales is considered a medium risk state and only travelers exempt from the state are allowed into WA

M Cook warned New Year’s revelers not to ‘kiss strangers on the stroke of midnight’ on Thursday when Australia brings 2021 and to continue to observe safe COVID-19 practices

“I understand that everyone wants to party on New Years Eve and you want to hang out with your friends and family,” he said

“But it is always important to remember that we remain vigilant, that we continue to observe the two square meter rule, that we continue to observe good physical distancing and good personal hygiene

“If you are not feeling well, now is not the time to party, it is time for you to take a test, stay home and stay away from work and stay away from your older parents “

WA Minister of Health Roger Cook warned New Year’s revelers not to kiss strangers amid a COVID-19 pandemicCredit: AP

M Cook urged West Australians to check in at theaters using the new QR code system and to register books

“We ask all companies to ensure that they keep their contact records up to date and severe penalties will be imposed if they fail to do so,” he said

Around 30,000 companies use the QR code system and around one million users have registered

M Cook said he was unsure whether individuals or businesses had been fined for failing to comply with the registration system, which went into effect on December 5.

“Nothing is perfect in the world of public health, but the QR code is a great way for us to have instant access to everyone who is on a particular site, at any given time, on a particular day “, he told me

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Ebene News – UA – WA on alert on border with Victoria as three community cases of COVID-19 detected in Melbourne

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