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Welcome to your breakfast with the latest news from South Australia, the country and abroad The Marshall government was plunged into the minority this morning, after Liberal MP Fraser Ellis told parliament he had been indicted for alleged breaches resulting from the ICAC country allowance investigation and was on the back burner

The Marshall government was plunged into the minority this morning after Liberal MP Fraser Ellis made a shocking announcement that he had been indicted for alleged offenses resulting from the inquest into allocations from member countries of the ICAC

Ellis said he informed Prime Minister Steven Marshall yesterday that he would suspend his Liberal membership and sit on the bench while he disputes the charges

This decision leaves the government with only 22 deputies on the floor of the House of Assembly, of which 24 are needed for a majority

The charges come after Ellis last year repaid $ 42,130 in indemnities he made while remaining rent-free with fellow MP Terry Stephens at his Norwood property

MP for Narungga told parliament at 2.13am this morning that he would defend himself against the charges and not resign from parliament

“I am completely innocent and will vigorously defend these allegations to the best of my ability and the law,” Ellis said

“I have never acted dishonestly, any mistake in a complaint form filled out by a relatively inexperienced member was just that – a mistake

“The allegations are against who I am and what I represent I have great confidence in the judicial system of this state and I look forward to being exonerated by an impartial tribunal free from the influence of other branches of government”

The ICAC has yet to make a public statement on the charges Commissioner Ann Vanstone’s latest update on the member countries inquiry in October cleared nine MPs – including two former ministers – of all fault, but left Ellis name off the exonerated list

In September 2020, Vanstone said that she asked Ellis to voluntarily provide documents that “bear witness to his actual expenses during the nights he stayed in Adelaide” and “demonstrate that he is required to either in Adelaide the times when complaints were made “

Shadow Minister of Labor, Transport and Infrastructure asked why the Prime Minister had not informed the public of the accusations sooner

“By the time he found out that one of his MPs had been indicted, he should have issued a press release and immediately told the public that he now had a minority government with only 22 votes in the House

“The Prime Minister must explain … why he did not immediately come forward to explain to South Australians what the charges were, and why Fraser Ellis was left to voluntarily quit the Liberal Party or why he did not. was not sacked “

The proposed changes to South Australia’s abortion laws were passed by the House of Assembly after more than 22 hours of parliamentary debate, paving the way for the elimination of medical procedure from the Criminal Code of the ‘State for the first time in over 50 years

The abortion bill passed third reading by 29 votes to 15, with the lower house adjourning just before 2:20 a.m. this morning after working on the remaining 10 amendments to the proposal

The change will result in the removal of abortion from the codification law of criminal law where it has been since 1969

It will also allow abortions after 22 weeks and six days of gestation if they deem it “medically appropriate” by two doctors, although amendments added to the bill in the last three days have strengthened provisions regarding the when this can happen

Late abortions can now only be approved if there is a danger to the life of the mother or another fetus, a risk of serious fetal abnormalities, or a “significant risk of harm to physical health or mental “of the mother if the pregnancy were to continue

The house also passed an amendment last night banning termination of pregnancy on the basis of sex

Attorney General Vickie Champion, who first proposed the reforms in October last year, welcomed the House decision

“I think this is a historic day for the transformation of our management of this particular area of ​​law – we have brought it into the 21st century

“We have now made arrangements for women so that they do not have to travel between states to have a service that would otherwise be available to other women across the country”

MPs on both sides of the House – including Labor MPs Stephen Mullighan and Tom Koutsantonis and Liberal backbench MP Stephen Knoll – voted against the bill because of the late abortion provisions, but noted that the legislation had improved since it was amended in the house They also supported the removal of abortion from the penal code, but argued that this should have been voted on in a separate bill

Shadow Minister of the Environment Susan Close said while she was not entirely happy with the concession changes added to the bill, the reform was still an important step forward

“It’s not quite the reform that I think a lot of people … were looking forward to,” she said

“There are great advances here, not only in decriminalization, but also in the fact that women in rural areas will be particularly advantaged by the fact that they only have to see one doctor during the first few years. weeks when requesting dismissal”

The amended bill will now go to the Upper House where it is expected to pass

Scott Morrison stands firm against Facebook over his government’s media code, calling the social media giant arrogant and disappointing for shutting down emergency services pages as well as Australian news, while the British politicians condemned Facebook’s actions

Facebook has banned access to news pages across Australia in response to the proposed code, which would force it to pay local media outlets for the content

SA Health, the Bureau of Meteorology, SA Power Networks and a number of essential services pages across the country were caught in the ban yesterday

Facebook said it had no choice, arguing that the negotiating code was poorly drafted “because the law does not provide clear guidance on the definition of news content”

“Facebook’s actions to defuse Australia … cutting off essential health information and emergency services were as arrogant as they were disappointing,” said M Morrison in a statement on his Facebook page

“These actions will only confirm the concerns expressed by a growing number of countries about the behavior of big tech companies, who think they are bigger than governments and that the rules should not apply to them

Morrison pleaded with Facebook to continue working with the government on the code, as British lawmakers voiced their condemnation of Facebook’s actions overnight

“This action – this intimidating action – that they have taken in Australia will, I think, ignite the desire to go further among lawmakers around the world,” Julian Knight, Speaker of the UK Digital Parliament, Culture, Media and Sports Committee, told Reuters

“We represent the people and I’m sorry, but you can’t have a bulldozer run on it – and if Facebook thinks it will, it will face the same long-term anger that the big oil companies and the tobacco”

“I think they are almost using Australia as a test of strength for global democracies therefore, we are all behind Australia in my opinion “

“It is essential that people can access accurate news and information from a variety of sources, especially during a global pandemic,” a government spokesperson said in a statement

The Adelaide Fringe is set to kick off for 2021, with around 21,000 artists preparing to showcase their talent across nearly 900 events and 392 venues during the month-long festival schedule

Opening night attendees can expect plaid seats, a reduced audience and an increased police presence as authorities try to manage the COVID risk of the annual festival

Fringe director Health Croall said the festival is expected to sell around 155,000 tickets worth a total of $ 4 million in time for opening night

“We feel extremely lucky to kick off our opening weekend, and very proud to present what will be a fun and exciting festival without COVID,” said Croall

“It was so impressive to see how artists and venues have adapted over the past year, coming up with new, innovative and inventive ways to safely present their performances within crowd density rules,” social distancing and contact tracing, for everyone to enjoy

“Although our Fringe 2021 is different from previous years with many COVID related initiatives in place, the magical atmosphere of Fringe will still be very much alive

“We have planned every possible scenario this year and we continue to work closely with the local government and SA Health to ensure the safety of our artists, venues and audiences.”

Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr Emily Kirkpatrick has confirmed that many steps have been taken to mitigate the program’s risk of COVID

“There will be COVID Safe check-in points at all locations to make customer check-in as easy as possible, and the audience size will be smaller to allow for physical distancing,” Kirkpatrick said. p>

“While audience participation may be lower this year due to physical distancing requirements, we have worked hard to ensure that all performers and events can entertain the crowd in a safe manner against COVID

“Customers should read their tickets carefully to know which entrance to use at a venue, and make sure they stick to it after the show, as there will also be designated exits”

SA Police Commissioner Matt Nairn said yesterday that more police units will be deployed to the festival this year, but will not crack down on people who do not use the system. QR code registration

The Bureau of Meteorology issued severe fire warnings for four districts today, with full fire bans in place for the Mid North, Mount Lofty Ranges, Yorke Peninsula and Lower South fire districts

The BoM forecasts very warm conditions statewide today, accompanied by cool winds from the northeast to northwest, until milder temperatures and a change in southerly winds arrive in afternoon

CFS says residents of no-fire districts should activate their bushfire survival plan

It comes with Adelaide which is expected to peak at 36 degrees today, while the northern parts of the state will experience temperatures of up to 40 degrees

Some national parks in the Adelaide Hills will be closed due to total fire bans

Health experts have warned of apathy as the reported daily number of coronavirus infections has fallen across the world for the past month

Falls in infections and deaths coincide with lockdowns and severe restrictions on gatherings and movements as governments weigh the need to stop successive waves of the pandemic with the need to get people back to work and children at school

But optimism about a way out of the crisis has been tempered by new variants of the virus, sparking fears about the effectiveness of vaccines

“Now is not the time to let your guard down,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organization technical officer on COVID-19, during a briefing in Geneva

COVID-19 has hit some countries much harder than others, although differences in how infections are counted locally make a perfect apples-to-apples comparison impossible

There were 351,335 new infections reported worldwide on Tuesday on an average of seven days, the figure rising from 863,737 on January 7

COVID-19 infections are on the decline in the United States, with 77,883 new infections reported on average every day

This is 31% of the peak – the highest daily average recorded on January 8

There have been 27,902,387 infections and 490,795 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the United States since the start of the pandemic, the highest numbers in the world

Coronavirus infection rates in the British capital have fallen by 80% in the last month, according to a study by Imperial College London

Researchers tested 85,000 people across England between February 4 and 13 as part of the monthly study

It suggests that around 1 in 200 people have been infected, down two-thirds from the previous month

The drop varied across the country and was most pronounced in London, where a new, more contagious strain of the virus was identified late last year

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the drop in cases was “encouraging but we must not let our guard down”

Novak Djokovic continued his love affair with Melbourne Park and will be a big favorite to win his ninth Australian Open title after ending Aslan Karatsev’s extraordinary race last night in the half. final

Djokovic beat Russian qualifier 6-3 6-4 6-2 in an hour and 55 minutes to set up a title decider with the winner of tonight’s match between Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas

“This is the best I felt about the whole tournament,” said Djokovic who suffered an apparent abdominal injury in the third round

“I felt good It’s the best game so far and it came at the right time”

Sidelined but rarely overtaken, world Non114 Karatsev is set to upgrade to Non42 after becoming the first Grand Slam debutant to advance to the Open Era semi-finals

It had been a barely believable run for the muscular Muscovite, winning three qualifiers in Doha and five more in Melbourne to make the final four

The ending might have been predictable, but the score didn’t reveal the full nature of the contest, with Karatsev refusing to be intimidated by the 17-time Grand Slam champion

He faced Djokovic for much of the first set, catching world No1 on more than one occasion with his late-hit selection and powerful forehand

A break in the eighth game was enough to seal the set for Djokovic and he put his foot down with two more in the second

But the 27-year-old did not become the first Grand Slam semi-finalist to be ranked outside the top 100 in 20 years without showing a considerable backbone

He broke once and held another break point to bring the game back to serve, but couldn’t pull it off as Djokovic had two sets to love

The third followed a similar pattern – Djokovic only broke for Karatsev to make his way into the match – before the 33-year-old finished the match

Although Djokovic was far from easy – who was injured against Taylor Fritz in the third round of five sets, lost three more sets, and at times faced the crowd and his own demons – he will be the favorite regardless. who he plays in the decision maker

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