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Actress and anti-vaxxer Isabel Lucas launched a long tirade comparing controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans to Jesus and JFK

Actress and anti-vaxxer Isabel Lucas launched a long tirade comparing controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans to Jesus

Home And Away star Isabel Lucas launched a bizarre defense of Pete Evans Image: AAP Image / Joel Carrett Source: AAP

Former Home And Away star Isabel Lucas is apparently alongside controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans, if a recent and rambling Instagram post is anything to go by

The 36-year-old, who played Tasha Andrews in the iconic soap opera from 2003 to 2006, shared an inspiring quote about ‘the truth’ on the social media platform earlier this week, but it was her long and bizarre accompanying caption that raised eyebrows

And while he didn’t specifically mention Evans – who was recently kicked from Instagram after sharing messages spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccinations – by name, many have interpreted the tirade as a message of support for his crusade

Lucas kicked off his post with another famous quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall: “I don’t agree with what you are saying, but I will defend your right to say it to the death”

“I have wanted to talk about freedom of speech and censorship here for a long time,” she wrote

“If you feel safe asking valid questions because of what bullies or those lacking insight or compassion might say, can you remember the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall

“May you be inspired by the countless brave who have spoken their truth in the face of adversity: Rosa May Parks, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, Eddie Mabo, Malcolm X, Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla, Julian Assange, Socrates, Jesus, John Lennon, Hypatia, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Michael Leunig, Waris Dirie, thousands of women, called “witches” … and countless others “

This post continued with Lucas claiming that “historically and culturally many of those people we are announcing today as agents of change have been ridiculed, censored and violently opposed”

“Many received death threats or lost their lives before their legacy or questions were accepted as obvious,” she posted

“I hear lots of conversations about how many Facebook friends are censored, Instagram accounts are deleted, masks banned, and many YouTube videos are deleted

“Do you agree on the need to cultivate open, informed and respectful conversations about traditional narratives?

“May we continue to support those who practice free speech and shed light on the uncomfortable truths that challenge us”

She concluded with another quote – this time from Albert Einstein – “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth”

Lucas and Evans recently made headlines for their anti-vax stance as well as their belief in other conspiracy theories, with Lucas pictured at an anti-5G rally in Byron Bay recently

Isabel Lucas and Pete Evans back Bryce Cartwright after his resignation by the LNRSource: provided

The couple have also sparked controversy for publicly congratulating NRL star Bryce Cartwright after refusing to get a mandatory flu shot, and both appeared in a Zoom call with coronavirus deniers and critics lockdown last August

Late last year, Lucas also courted controversy after revealing that she refused the COVID-19 test on the set of her latest Bosch film & Rockit, instead claiming that her immune system was strong in the way she “lives, eats and thinks”

“I gave my due diligence on what I could offer to respect everyone’s health and maintain my own health, and I shared it, and I chose not to take the COVID test” , she said at the time

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