Ebene News – UK – Carol Vorderman squeals with excitement as she builds up abs on a keto diet

TV star Carol Vorderman was so excited she saw an’ ab ‘go by after trying the keto diet for the past few weeks

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Carol Vorderman was ecstatic Wednesday morning when she revealed that her abdominal muscles were starting to show after trying the keto diet

The 60-year-old former Countdown presenter proved age is nothing but a number in her latest social media pic by letting go of her enviable body on Twitter

In recent weeks, the TV star has embarked on a new health journey and aims to lose weight through ketosis

After working hard – from her strict diet to exercising – Carol looks fantastic and she couldn’t resist showing off her changing body to the fans

In a new photo, Carol rolled up her top and showed off her flat stomach, telling fans she unexpectedly found an “ab”

Last month Carol shared an interesting diet tip for her beloved fans explaining how it completely changed the game for her

She insists that adding a spoonful of butter to her coffee helped transform her intermittent fasting routine

“I tell you now that I have never been less hungry in my life, because of a knob of butter in my coffee in the morning”, she says

“So I do this intermittent fasting thing I went 20 hours without food, didn’t get a bit hungry, and now I have proper bacon – not the rubbish kind – and fresh, fresh eggs and local, everything is local and I can’t wait

Adding butter to coffee is a popular technique for those looking to lose weight through ketosis Fans say it helps them feel full and reduce cravings

Earlier today, Carol wowed fans by showing off her hourglass figure in tight leather pants

She went to work this week wearing a pair of tight stockings, which clung to her curvaceous form and toned legs

She paired her pants with a pair of black thigh-high boots with a low heel, finishing the look with a matching black long sleeve top

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Ebene News – GB – Carol Vorderman squeals with excitement as she builds abs on a keto diet

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