Ebene News – UK – Danny Dyer Makes Every Other Game Show Host Look Like Cups

There are people in this country – people who work for this same newspaper – who believe that The Masked Singer is a work of genius that he took the standard format of TV talent shows in which the singers perform for a jury and added a brilliant touch, namely that the singers are underage celebrities dressed in expensive disguises

I don’t share this belief For me there is a much nicer light entertainment show, and that show is The Wall (BBC One)

If The Wall were presented by anyone other than Danny Dyer, it would be a standard game show of the genre once launched to follow the National Lottery draw on Saturday night. But Dyer’s casting was a masterstroke You could pitch him to the Turner Prize as a piece of performance art

The wall is an inanimate object and yet Dyer speaks to it as if accusing him of spilling his pint and looking at his wife He growls his slogan – “Drop ’em” – with an intensity that would bring great actors to shame shakespearians “I really, really hope he behaves,” he said of the wall, managing to pass it off as a threat

In the second edition of The Wall Versus Celebrities, as in every episode of the quiz, Dyer gave her the full Cockney Geezer If this is a Lorraine Kelly character (Kelly successfully argued in front of a tax court that she was a separate entity from the ever-smiling and perma-friendly ‘Lorraine Kelly’ of daytime television) and Dyer secretly speaks the Queen’s English, so he’s never lets it go >

Contestants, former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay and The Last Leg host Alex Brooker, were playing for “serious preparations.” The questions were “crazy” What about the voice that reads the questions? “The lovely Angela Rippon – ravine type, she is”

The questions on The Wall are a good mix – some that make you scream on TV because the answers are obvious, others that require intelligence or sheer guessing – and Lindsay made it happen. honorable work

But there is another element that makes The Wall work, and that is the human drama of seeing an ordinary couple suffer from winning or losing life-changing amount of money

With a celebrity version all of that was lost because the stakes were so low Lindsay and Brooker had a guaranteed amount for their good causes which meant an obvious lack of tension

Still, as Danny Dyer put it in a way only Danny Dyer could: “Come on, Wall – it’s for charity, you MUG”

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Ebene News – EN – Danny Dyer makes all other game show hosts look like mugs

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