Ebene News – UK – EastEnders SPOILER: Jack asks Max Branning to QUIT for good

Posted: 00:11 GMT, February 19, 2021 | Update: 00:23 GMT, February 19, 2021

And Max Branning, played by actor Jake Wood, looks set to say goodbye to Walford after his worried brother Jack (Scott Maslen) tells him to leave for good

In two stills from Friday’s episode, the siblings have a tense conversation, with Max looking thoughtful as he drinks a drink

Time to go? Max Branning, played by actor Jake Wood, is expected to say goodbye to Walford on Friday after his worried brother Jack (Scott Maslen) told him to leave for good

In typical EastEnders style, there will surely be a lot of drama in the final phase before Max walks away from the plaza

And on Thursday night, Max and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) were seen fighting in the Old Vic after Max suggested his wife Linda (Kellie Bright) was only with him out of pity

Max had discovered Mick’s terrible childhood abuse at the hands of Katy Lewis by his brother Jack

Preview: In an image from Friday’s episode, the brothers are seen chatting ahead of Max’s long-awaited decision to leave the square after 15 years

Friday’s episode will surely pick up with the aftermath of the fight, with The Sun reporting that Jack will try to talk to his brother and tell him to leave for good

Actor Jake Wood filmed his final scenes in December and sincerely said goodbye to Max Branning as he filmed his final scenes

Jake, who played Max for 15 years, took to his Instagram to share a farewell video as he strolled around the famous BBC set

He said ‘That’s a conclusion’ as he thanked fans for their support as his time portraying the Albert Square businessman came to an end

He added: “I will miss the place, they are the people for me, I made amazing friends and it was an amazing life changing experience

Done and Sprinkle: Last month Jake said “That’s a conclusion” thanking fans for their support as his time portraying Albert Square’s bad boy came to an end

‘Thank you all for your messages of love and support, I really enjoyed it all, who knows what the future holds? I just wanted to say goodbye to Max Branning and share this with all of you ‘

Although Jake is leaving, the series is expected to welcome a new face soon after it is revealed that Brian Conley is joining the cast

Famously claiming he didn’t want to star in soaps – rejecting EastEnders twice in the past – the West End star, 59, said he was thrilled to be joining the show

Speaking on This Morning, he said: “I am so excited to be a part of the show I finished watching Netflix in November, my wife and I are looking out the window and say ‘Oh, that the trees are still there “To be part of the show is indeed incredible”

Speaking of the show, Brian said he couldn’t give any spoilers but said: ‘My name is Terry Cant and he will be appearing for the next six weeks.

“I have scripts and I am really surprised how it goes… I am happy to be a part of such an iconic show I have a drum kit so if there is something drama in my house… “Oh no, we’re out of toothpaste!” [Doof Doof Sound], I’m ready for this!

Brian said his late dad loved the show, adding: ‘It was part of my world, before I got the call before Christmas I was catching up so I was really getting on with it.’

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Ebene News – GB – EastEnders SPOILER: Max Branning is told by Jack at LEAVE for good

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