Ebene News – UK – Here’s how to find and share your 9 most loved Instagram posts of 2020

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As 2020 draws to a close, many of our favorite social media platforms and services offer annual reviews of our online habits, such as Spotify Unwrapped, Year on TikTok, and Year in Monzo

Another popular trend that pops up at the end of each year is the Instagram Top Nine, which allows Instagram users to share a compilation of their most beloved posts of the year.

Here’s how to access and share your own Top Nine Instagram so you don’t miss the action

Despite the popularity of the trend, you can’t really make your top nine in the Instagram app itself – you’ll have to use the help of a third-party app instead

There are a number of different apps you can use to create your first nine posts, but one of the most popular is the one called Top Nine

Top Nine website claims it was the original app that started the Top Nine Instagram trend

Top Nine is available for free on Android and iOS devices You can also use the website version if you don’t want to use up space on your phone by downloading an app

To use Top Nine, you will be prompted to enter your Instagram ID, along with your email address The app says: “Some accounts may take more than a few seconds to scan We will send you an email for you. don’t have to wait! ”

Once you’ve entered your information, the app will generate a photo collage of your nine top-rated posts of 2020 It will also offer an overview of your account stats over the past 12 months, including news such as the number of likes you got in total

If you have a private Instagram account, you will need to download the Top Nine app and enter your Instagram email address and password to allow access to the third-party app

Those with public accounts can use the app or website and only need to provide their Instagram ID

If you are using the Top Nine website to generate your collage of your best articles, it will have a watermark on top that reads Top Nine in an opaque font

To get rid of the watermark you have two options Either pay a one-time fee of $ 2 99 (£ 2 19) to remove it and click “save without watermark”

Alternatively, there are a number of other apps available that allow users to generate their nine best collages without having to pay to remove the watermark

Best Nine is another popular option and allows users to save their first nine collages for free without watermark

Best Nine runs a little slower than Top Nine, indicating on its website that it “takes 10 minutes to process your request due to huge demand”

Once you’ve saved your top nine collages, whether through Top Nine, Best Nine, or any other app available, sharing is easy

To post your story, go to the Instagram app and swipe right on your feed, or tap the plus button next to your profile picture in the top left corner

Open your gallery by pressing the thumbnail at the bottom left and choose your collage generated by Top Nine

Since all you need is an Instagram ID to see the top nine public accounts posts, you can enter other IDs into the Top Nine site

For example, if you type in the Instagram handle of Outlander star Sam Heughan, you will be able to see his nine most liked photos Top Nine reveals that he posted 318 photos in 2020, received 395 million likes on year and collected 1242k Likes per post

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Ebene News – GB – Here’s how to find and share your 9 most loved Instagram posts of 2020

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