Ebene News – UK – Oasis fan spends £ 12,000 on souvenirs – and he will be buried ‘with Liam’s cutout’

John Smallbones has put together a huge collection of Oasis memorabilia – from life-size cutouts of brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher to canvases – to tattoos dedicated to the band, and even named his company after a song successful

An Oasis superfan spent £ 12,000 on souvenirs and named his business after a Liam Gallagher hit

John Smallbones, 45, has followed the group since 1992 and was devastated when they split in 2009

He’s since put together a huge collection that even includes life-size cutouts of Liam and his brother Noel – and his fiancee said she would bury him with one of them

John’s children and his fiancée Elaine, 46, are baffled by his obsession and have no interest in Oasis Elaine has banned her “Oasis stuff” from their bedroom

John said: “I have canvases all over the house, cupboards full of concert stuff, a bathroom full of memories and it’s all over the walls too

“She said when I die she’s going to throw that cardboard cutout of Liam with meâ ????

John, from Andover, Hants, thinks Noel and Liam are more musically talented than the Fab Four

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He listened to Oasis for the first time in 1992 and recorded around 30 concerts before the band broke up

John, who has a tattoo of the star, added: “Liam is my favorite That’s his attitudeâ €”

He added: “I think Oasis is much better than The Beatles because of their lyrics and the meaning of their songs, that’s very smart

To fill the void after the group broke up, John began scouring the internet for Oasis paintings and memorabilia.

He estimates he spent around £ 12,000 on his collection of Pretty Green CDs, vinyls, canvases, memorabilia and clothing

“I don’t tell my other half when I have new pairs – if she points out that she’s never seen a pair before and I just say yes, I just don’t have them litters “

John’s work van is stuck in dedicated Oasis stickers and he listens to their music all day

Elaine has attended many Liam concerts with her partner but prefers Michael Jackson and Boyzone

“I wasn’t a fan of the life-size cutouts initially, and neither were the children, because they scared our lives every time we walked into the room

Liam Gallagher

Ebene News – GB – Oasis fan spends £ 12,000 on souvenirs – and he will be buried “with Liam’s cutout”

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