Ebene News – United States – Amid storm in Texas, UN chief says he is ‘totally ignorant’ to say cold cancels reality of climate change

A deadly winter storm in Texas has sparked new climate change talks in the United States

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ripped apart climate change deniers on Thursday, saying he was “totally ignorant” to suggest harsh winters prove the planet is not warming

“It’s a total lack of scientific knowledge, it’s a total ignorance,” Guterres said in comments to reporters, via Reuters

“If you look at hurricanes, if you look at storms, but also if you look at heat waves and cold spells, they are becoming more and more extreme because of climate change,” Guterres said. climate change amplifies “

In response to the question of whether climate change is to blame for the intense winter weather in the United States, the UN chief said that global warming could cause “all the storms, all the swings more extreme “

Guterres’ comments come as Texas and neighboring states face a deadly winter storm that has left millions of people without electricity, heat and clean water

Republican leaders and climate change skeptics falsely blamed the blackouts on renewable energy sources and the Green New Deal, a Democratic plan to tackle climate change that has not been implemented The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the state’s electricity grid, said most outages were “primarily due to problems with the natural gas system.”

The UN on Thursday released a disastrous new report on environmental crises threatening humanity, focusing on climate change, biodiversity depletion and pollution It offers a blueprint for how the world can tackle this trio of crises

“Without the help of nature we will not be able to thrive or even survive For too long we have been waging a senseless and suicidal war against nature,” Guterres said in remarks on the report at an update virtual press Thursday “Human well-being lies in protecting the health of the planet It’s time to reassess and reset our relationship with nature”

In his remarks, Guterres praised President Joe Biden’s decision to bring the United States back to the Paris climate agreement, a landmark agreement between nearly 200 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

“President Biden’s commitment to net zero emissions means countries that currently produce two-thirds of the world’s carbon pollution pursue the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050,” Guterres said. But we must make this coalition truly global and transformative. We cannot delay “

Former President Donald Trump, who is among Republicans who have suggested cold weather means global warming is not happening, withdrew the United States from the Paris agreement on its first day in as president, Biden signed an executive order to overturn Trump’s decision and made tackling climate change a top priority Biden appealed to John Kerry, secretary of state under the Obama administration, to take on a brand new role as climate envoy to the National Security Council

Dallas County General Manager said “the governor made a conscious choice” not to prepare for the current crisis and still had to reach out on Thursday as thousands remained without power

People who deny that a harsh winter can be linked to climate change are showing “total ignorance,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday, days after the US state of Texas First hit by a historic and deadly freeze When asked if global warming has played a role in severe US weather, Guterres said climate change could make “all storms, all swings more extreme “Scientists widely agree that climate change is fueling milder weather conditions around the world, including stronger hurricanes, more intense heat waves and more erratic precipitation patterns

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, state media said on Friday, days after the White House said it would deal with the king, not his heir, and US officials would engage their counterparts in the kingdom Crown Prince Mohammed, who is also Saudi Minister of Defense, reviewed bilateral relations with Austin, particularly in the area of ​​defense cooperation , said the official SPA news agency Austin reaffirmed the importance of the strategic defense partnership between the two countries and said the United States was determined to help Riyadh defend itself, condemning the attacks launched by the Houthi group in Yemen on the kingdom.

AUSTIN, Texas – For Republicans who have run the Texas state government for years, trying to undermine the Democrats who run the state’s largest cities has been a blood sport for years They have sought to overturn local officials on disputes involving everything from pandemic restrictions and plastic bag bans to protections for immigrants But this week, the state’s power grid collapse gave Democrats a chance to turn the tide As the state reeling from a rare winter storm that caused widespread blackouts, Democrats have mobilized public anger at Republicans’ surveillance of the energy industry, opening a new front in their battle to erode the party’s dominance over all state offices and both houses of the legislature as Democrats have made significant strides in recent election cycles, Republicans in Texas have avoided the kind of revolutionary gains that toppled states like Arizona and Georgia Sign up for The Morning New York Times newsletter “Members of the Legislative Assembly and those in the executive branch of government have spent too much time trying to run cities and counties and not enough time looking after problems, “said Sylvester Turner, the Democratic Mayor of Houston, the largest city in Texas and the fourth in the country.” And now he’s coming back to bite them Before you can try to manage my house you have to make sure you manage Yours “Such assessments come at a time when Greg Abbott, the Republican Gov. was already under fire for his handling of the pandemic Even before thawing freezers forced health officials in Houston to scramble this week to administering thousands of doses of the vaccine, Latin American leaders in hard-hit South Texas have pleaded with Abbott to allow city officials along the border to implement measures stricter mitigation res At the same time, a steady drop of other scandals has focused control on Republicans wielding state-level power in Texas. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton remains under cloud of legal issues as he responds to abuse of power allegations, including lawsuit by former aides who say they took bribes a real estate developer The Republican-dominated Texas legislature is no stranger to intrigue, either.In one episode, a secret 2019 audio recording made by a conservative activist showed Dennis Bonnen, the former president of Texas House, plotting against his fellow Republicans by seeking the support of hard-line activists to eliminate them in the main challenges As attention turns to the electricity crisis, Turner, the mayor of Houston, is among Democrats who have sounded the alarm for years that the state’s electricity grid is at risk of failing After a 2011 debacle in which a rare winter storm cut power across the state, Turner, then a state representative, warned the following year that state regulators were leaving too much leeway to public services Other state Democrats are now calling for sweeping changes in state oversight of the industry “Many areas of Texas probably felt like they were in an emergency before the power outage – number of COVID cases, maximum number of hospitals and rush for vaccines, ”said Ana Sandoval, Democrat and member of San Antonio City Council “Heads of state need to step aside blindfolded and realize that energy is not just about the economy It’s a matter of life and death” Some Republicans join calls for more Great Responsibility Abbott said reform of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the state grid, an emergency item for the Legislature State Representative Dade Phelan, the Republican Speaker of the Texas House, called for hearings to examine factors contributing to network collapse “People are suffering right now because we failed,” said State Representative Tony Tinderholt, a retired military officer believed to be the ‘one of the most conservative members of the House Like millions of other Texans, Tinderholt, his wife and two young children found themselves without power at their home in Arlington and took refuge in a hotel “And when I say ‘we’ I’m talking about the legislature, the ERCOT, and the power companies,” Tinderholt said Much of the rest of the United States has interconnected power systems, but Texas stands out for a long time to have its own network While the system has been hailed by diehard conservatives as an example of the state’s courage, the unusual setup emerged when Democrats who once exercised control over Texas politics sought to protect companies from state federal regulators overseeing interstate Electricity sales Republicans who came to power in Texas in the 1990s had their own ideas about supercharging the electricity industry At that time, Texas energy giants like Enron (before its dramatic collapse during ‘an accounting scandal in 2001) were winning applause for their aggressive moves in electricity markets in the United States and around the world George W Bush, while governor of Texas before becoming president, reshuffled the Texas electricity market in 1999 in an attempt to introduce more competition into parts of the industry. But energy experts say state regulators appointed by decades-long ruling Republican governors in Texas have been reluctant to do anything that could raise electricity prices “They ended up creating an old-fashioned Soviet office,” said Ed Hirs, professor of energy economics at the University of Houston, referring to ERCOT “It’s a controlled flight to the field” Republicans have overseen the Texas energy industry for decades, but Abbott, along with other leading Texas conservatives, has sought to deflect responsibility by ascribing responsibility for the storm crisis to renewable energy sources like wind and solar which were hampered by the cold snap In an appearance on Fox News, Abbott claimed that reliance on wind and solar power “plunged Texas into a state-wide lack of electricity.”Yet such a claim runs counter to Abbott’s role and that of his Republican predecessors, such as Rick Perry and Bush, in overseeing the growth of renewable energy sources in Texas.” Earlier in the week, Abbott himself attributed the blackout in part to the freezing of natural gas transmission systems Wind generation in Texas, which still accounts for a relatively small share of the state’s electricity production, has actually beaten expectations in recent days. ERCOT officials say limited natural gas supplies, along with frozen instruments at natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities that overshadow renewables in Texas electricity supply, are the main factors behind the crisis Yet prominent Republicans like Perry, the former Texas governor and energy secretary in the Trump administration, have blamed renewables In a blog post on Rep Kevin McCarthy’s page, the chief of a minority in the US House of Representatives, Perry has sought to warn Democrats against any attempt to introduce greater oversight of the electricity industry “Texans would be without power for more than three days to prevent the federal government from going about their business, ”said Perry Beyond the row over energy sources, Abbott, who succeeded Perry in 2014, was d already on the defensive in the face of complaints from Democrats and even some Republicans about the insular manner in which he appoints people to state councils and commissions Legislation to End Alleged Gov. Acting Donor Appointments Has Not Progressed in Republican-controlled Chambers Abbott appointed the three commissioners to the Texas Public Utility Commission that oversees ERCOT As for ERCOT himself, the head of his board of directors does not live in Texas but in Michigan; its vice president is a professor who lives in California and teaches at a university in Germany. “No one should claim that the cause of this disaster is some mysterious entity that is somehow detached from the state government,” said Rep. Chris Turner, leader of Texas House’s 67 Democrats “This entire episode represents a catastrophic failure of leadership” Yet even some Republicans who have demanded answers on the electricity crisis see it differently Kel Seliger, former mayor of Amarillo and now a member of the Texas Senate, warned of sweeping changes “I don’t think they planned something that looks like a disaster for a lot of people,” Seliger said. “How many generations would it take? and how much would it cost taxpayers to ensure that does not happen? Then you have to weigh the costs against how often we have this sort of thing. “But with the power outages lasting several days in parts of the state, Democratic leaders are openly expressing their exasperation.” I don’t know neither does that mean, ”Dallas mayor Eric Johnson said on Twitter in response to an ERCOT statement using jargon such as“ offloading ”- a term referring to the deliberate shutdown of part of it. ‘system power to avoid wider failure – to explain blackouts’ People are hurting and they need a clue of what to expect’ This article originally appeared in The New York Times © 2021 The New York Times Company

Chad Wolf, who was Acting Secretary in the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security, spoke with “Red and Blue” host Elaine Quijano about new changes made by the Biden administration the immigration system, as well as its departments, were aware of the threats leading to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol

Gov Greg Abbott named two new emergency items related to preparing power plants for cold weather

The Texas brand of free market governance that is at the heart of the state’s political identity is taking a beating

A longtime Arkansas lawmaker and nephew of the state’s Republican governor said Thursday he was quitting the GOP, citing Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the deadly riot at the US Capitol by supporters of the former president

When Texas’ power grid warped under the pressure of a worse-than-expected winter cold, Texas government Greg Abbott (right) took to Fox News and blamed frozen wind turbines for what was mainly a problem with the power supply powered by natural gas Then he saved the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages the exclusively Texan power grid But he notably “went more easily on another culprit: an oil and gas industry which is the dominant activity of the state and its biggest political contributor”, reports the Associated Press Abbott, in office since 2015, has raised more than $ 150 million in campaign contributions – the most of any historic US governor – and “more than $ 26 million of his contributions come from the oil and gas industry, more than any other economic sector, “AP reports. At a press conference Thursday, Abbott mainly accused ERCOT of ensuring Texas state leaders could handle the storm ERCOT is overseen by the Texas Public Utility Commission, whose three-member board of directors is appointed by Abbott But the Texas legislature is largely responsible for energy policy And everyone knows what it would take to avoid a repeat from those power cuts and water outages: winterizing state generators and power plants, as it was advised to do after the winter blackouts of 2011 and the winter blackouts of 1989 before that Abbott on Thursday urged the Texas legislature to make full winterization mandatory, not voluntary, for private companies that produce and supply Texas power. It would be really expensive and Abbott wasn’t clear who he was planning to foot the bill: the taxpayers, the consumers, or the oil and gas companies who fund his political career. ERCOT, electricity providers and retailers, and state commissioners will soon be brought before lawmakers for “all the shame and blame” they can inflict, writes Ross Ramsey in the Texas Tribune. “But the end of this emission is the wrong time to stop paying attention; now is the time to start “This is when Abbott and lawmakers will decide whether” replacing lighting regulations and low energy costs against risk of leaving Texans exposed to the harshest winter conditions is well worth it, ”Ramsey writes “If the public continues to pay attention, it probably isn’t. If the public leaves the details to lawmakers and the usual crowd of special interests, the state could do what it did last. times: wiggle fingers, write a report and put the case away until it gets cold againMore Stories This Weekcom5 Terrifyingly Funny Cartoons About Mitch McConnell’s Impeachment Dodge The Texas Blizzard Nightmare Is Republican Governance In A Nutshell Rudy Giuliani’s “ Funny Story ” About Rush Limbaugh, Golf and the “ panties ” were so bad, Steve Bannon growled

As millions of Texans suffered from power outages, scores of Fox News hosts and guests misled their viewers We have verified their claims

The United States told the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that it was rescinding a claim by the Trump administration that all N sanctions were reimposed on Iran in September Acting US Ambassador Richard Mills informed the 15-member body in a letter seen by Reuters US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told European allies on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s administration is ready to talk to Iran about the return of the two countries to a 2015 agreement that aims to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon

President Joe Biden will “take a virtual trip to Europe” with a pair of high-level pledges aimed at restoring the United States’ place on the world stage, after what he sees as his absence for years in power of President Donald Trump, according to a senior official in the Biden administration In his remarks to an international security conference and to the leaders of the major industrialized nations of the world on Friday, Biden planned to advocate for multilateralism, said the responsible – in stark contrast to Trump’s nationalist approach to the world, which the former president called “America First”

A man wanted by police turned himself in to police because he could no longer spend time with the people he was living with during the lockdown

The media are trying to “provoke an endless Republican civil war” and “pit conservatives against each other,” Haley wrote in the Wall Street Journal

Democrats want to adopt President Joe Biden’s bailout by mid-March to avoid expiration of federal unemployment programs

Trump’s growing trade losses and legal challenges will soon overcome his ability to remain a political force

After criticizing a string of suspected enemies, Cuomo said he “feels bad” about the “vacuum” left by his administration over COVID-19 data in nursing homes

According to the affidavit, Secor’s hateful views towards immigrants and Jews were well documented by student groups during his time on campus

President Joe Biden plans to announce on Friday that the United States will contribute $ 2 billion to a sustained UN-program to distribute doses of COVID-19 vaccine to people in the world’s poorest countries, according to senior officials in the Biden administration Congress had already allocated the money in December for the US Agency for International Development to provide Gavi, an international vaccine distribution alliance Congress has provided a total of $ 4 billion and officials said the US will give the rest to Gavi in ​​this year and 2022

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Ebene News – United States – Amid storm in Texas, UN chief says it’s ‘total ignorance’ that the cold cancels out the reality of climate change

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