Ebene News – United States – Anthony Davis injury update: Will he be back at full speed this season?

This week we welcome Stephania Bell back to the Hoops Lab She does an amazing job helping us understand and better estimate injury absences and return prognosis Anthony Davis recently fell with a somewhat mysterious combination of injuries, and Stephania is here to shed some light on the situation Sign up for free fantasy baseball Baseball is back, and so too is fantasy! Rally the gang or start a new traditionJoin or start a league for free >> Get ready with & Analysis leaderboards >>

Baseball is back, and so is fantasy! Gather the gang or start a new traditionJoin or start a league for free >> Prepare with the leaderboards & Analysis >>

Last week Davis missed two games against the Thunder and reported that he was suffering from tendinosis in his right Achilles tendon Davis said he wanted to be careful while managing the problem due to the ‘location, and he was hoping it was a situation where he could miss a few games early in the season to be healthy and available for the rest of the season. the season and the playoffs

Unfortunately, Davis compounded the problem in Game 2 after returning to the court in a frightening scene, as he repeatedly grabbed his Achilles tendon area Later MRI diagnosed Davis with calf strain and worsening tendinosis According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Davis will be re-evaluated in 2-3 weeks and he’s unlikely to return to the Lakers before the all-star break of the NBA from March 5 to 10

Stephania helped break down all layers of this situation, describing it as an “acute over chronic” injury situation

Tendinosis describes a chronic, degenerative problem with a tendon associated with progressive wear and tear, such as repeated movements in sports, and is usually not related to acute inflammation (acute inflammation is the hallmark of tendonitis) The Achilles tendon serves as a tissue bridge between the calf muscle and the bone (the heel) and is responsible for transferring energy to create movement When the calf muscle contracts, it pulls the tendon, which then pulls the bone at the other end, causing plantar flexion or elevation of the heel as the toes point down Editor’s Choice

Tissue is dynamic and has the potential to adapt to repetitive loads Depending on how and how often this load is placed on the tissue, it can either enhance it or, in the event of overload, cause its failure When the quality of the tendon tissue changes, it may not have the same elasticity, resulting in a decrease in power (or “springing” in the case of Achilles), and there may be associated discomfort

The presence of a chronic problem like tendinosis does not necessarily mean that an athlete cannot play or that tendon rupture is imminent, but it is important to address it in the hope of alleviating this risk These types of issues often become conditions to be managed over a long season, but are not necessarily prohibitive to participate

Calf tension, on the other hand, is an acute issue that needs to improve for Davis to return to the court.

Because Davis has both problems (strained calf and tendinosis) simultaneously in acute over chronic situation, this makes his treatment and rehabilitation plan a bit more complicated While the calf strain may respond well to pure rest, tendinosis responds better to altered load Applying a strategic load to the Davis ‘Achilles will be a part of the treatment of tendinosis, so Davis’ rehabilitation will need to be accomplished in a balanced manner that addresses both problems

There’s a good chance Davis could get back on court in the second half of the season and even contribute at a high level.The unfortunate news is that he’s unlikely to return after the All- break. Star and immediately play at his usual level While there are a lot of details and factors that we don’t know from a distance, it’s safe to assume that Davis could see minute limitations when he returns or reduces back-to-backs, with a gradual return to his minutes. normal

Lakers medics will constantly reassess him as he recovers, likely altering his load, rehabilitation, and playing time depending on how he does both on and off the floor. The recovery plan will be very suitable for Davis as an individual Loading and recovery is such a big part of tendon management that it doesn’t just apply to the resistance exercises he will be doing during his off-court rehabilitation. , but also applies to his return to basketball

It was one of the most unusual times in NBA history Because the Lakers won the championship in the bubble in October, they had an incredibly short offseason Meanwhile, some of the teams that didn’t play in the bubble had an offseason that lasted nine months. Neither situation is optimal for athletes, but we have no real way of knowing how or not that might or might not have affected Davis’ injury.

If the situation is handled well and Davis reacts well, there is a good chance that he will be able to make a significant contribution to the Lakers’ attempt to repeat himself as NBA champions.

However, his prognosis as a fantasy basketball contributor is bleaker We shouldn’t assume Davis will play his usual minutes for a while, if at all in the regular season, so we need to adjust our expectations accordingly.

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Ebene News – USA – Anthony Davis injury update: will he be back at full speed this season ?

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