Ebene News – United States – At the end of a winding road, Tim Tebow retires from baseball

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback-turned-minor-league Mets has ended his unlikely run as a two-sport athlete

Ending one of the most surprising – and unlikely – attempts at a two-sport career, Tim Tebow, the college superstar quarterback turned NFL curiosity into a minor-league baseball player, announced his retirement from professional sport Wednesday

“I loved every minute of the trip, but at that point I feel called in other directions,” Tebow said in a statement from the Mets, who signed him to a contract. minor league in 2016 “I never want to be partially involved in anything I always want to be 100% in whatever I choose”

Although Tebow never broke class AAA in baseball, he garnered a lot of attention, both due to his exploits on the football field and his charitable endeavors. He is the author of several books and has done missionary work across the world.He was often polarizing, however, with fans of both sports regularly disagreeing about his worth and potential, as well as his outspokenness as that christian But everywhere he went, Tebow drew a crowd

I never want to be partially involved in anything I always want to be 100% in whatever I choose Thanks again for everyone’s support on this great journey in baseball, I will always treasure my time as a that Met! #LGM

“It was a pleasure to have Tim in our organization as he was an accomplished professional during his four years with the Mets,” said Sandy Alderson, President of the Mets “By reaching the Triple-A level in 2019, he far exceeded expectations when he entered the system in 2016, and he should be very proud of his accomplishments.”

Tebow, 33, has shown extraordinary athleticism every step of the way, but after an extraordinary career in Florida, in which he won the 2007 Heisman Trophy and two national championships, he never found the right person professionally

Denver Broncos’ first-round pick in 2010, he struggled to make his heavyweight approach to playing quarterback in the NFL, but he managed a surprisingly close to the 2011 season after going 7 -4 as a starter, he shocked the sport by leading the Broncos to a Pittsburgh Steelers upset in the playoff round

This success was short-lived, however, as he was traded to the Jets ahead of the following season. After arriving with a bang, he threw just eight passes for the Jets in two games and was released Attempts to catch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have gone nowhere

A year after his release from the Eagles in 2015, Tebow, who had not played organized baseball since his freshman year in high school, was signed by the Mets

“It was strictly baseball motivated,” Alderson insisted upon signing. “It wasn’t something that was motivated by marketing considerations or anything like that”

Tebow hit his first professional homerun at bat, but overall he hit 223 in four seasons, with 18 homers In 2019, he hit 163 with four homers for Class AAA Syracuse

In announcing his retirement, he paid tribute to the Mets fans who had pulled him for him in his quest to join the ranks of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, athletes who rose to the top of football and baseball

“Thank you again for everyone’s support for this great trip to baseball,” he said. “I will always treasure my time as a Met”

Tim Tebow

Ebene News – United States – At the end of a winding road, Tim Tebow retires from baseball

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