Ebene News – United States – Austin Water: ‘We don’t have a timeline’ on service restoration

AUSTIN, TX – As the freezing winter weather continued all day Thursday, Austin Water said he was unsure when he would be able to provide water to all of the city ​​

In a series of social media posts, Austin Water said it faces “significant challenges” in restoring water service

“We know some customers do not have water service and getting your service back is our priority,” Austin Water wrote on social media, “Austin Water will provide additional updates as soon as they are will be available “

The utility provider said it is working alongside the city’s emergency operations center to meet the needs of essential city services, including hospitals and power plants

As it stands, the city’s wastewater treatment plants are functional and stable Yet the boil water advisory issued late Wednesday after a malfunction at the Ulrich wastewater treatment plant has brought the water pressure below minimum standards remains in effect

Residents are asked to boil tap water they plan to drink, cook or make ice with. According to the advice, the water should be kept at a vigorous boil for two minutes before drink it

The city has announced that it will issue another notice when municipal water is once again safe to drink

Austin Water said water use in the city exceeded usual usage by 250% due to leaky faucets and line breaks

Teams responded early Thursday following a ruptured downtown water pipe that affected several blocks of road

The break occurred on Lavaca Street between 8th and 15th streets, Austin police said on social media Drivers urged to avoid the area

KXAN reported that at around 8 a.m. on Thursday, repair crews were still working to locate the leak Water was seen coming off the street, freezing and cracking the asphalt, the report said

Residents with water service are encouraged to help with the conversion by avoiding the use of major appliances, limiting running faucets and shutting off the water at the shut-off valve in the event of a ‘pipe burst

Water service and wastewater service – including leaking or breaking water lines – can be reported online

Snow and ice will continue throughout the day on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service Temperatures are expected to stay below zero until some time on Friday when they will rise to 39 degrees The Austin area could see temperatures as high as 70 degrees by Wednesday

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Ebene News – United States – Austin Water: “We have no timetable” for the restoration of the service

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