Ebene News – United States – Brockton on vaccine fairness: help is needed

BOSTON – New plan introduced by Gov Charlie Baker’s administration seeks to remove barriers to vaccination for black and brown communities, among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic

The state has selected 20 communities with the highest rates of COVID cases and people of color This comes after weeks of criticism of fairness in access to vaccines

On Thursday and Friday, the town of Brockton, one of twenty that are part of the equity program, will begin immunizations at Shaw’s Center, in transition from high school, according to its mayor

Less than a week later, Brockton will liaise with the state health department responsible for helping improve access for vulnerable populations

Each of the municipalities will have their own dedicated liaison who will work with them from February 22, according to a spokesperson for the

“They will work in tandem with our ambassadors that we have hired from the board of health,” said Mayor Robert Sullivan

Part of this work will be educating people in multiple languages ​​on how to deploy vaccines, where to get them and when

COVID trends are down in Brockton, as in much of the rest of the state, but it’s a community hard hit since the start of the pandemic with infections and deaths

The city is expected to receive 400 doses and the community health center will receive 600, the first time the center receives the full order requested

“We get a tremendous sense of urgency as soon as we get a dose that we want to have in someone’s arm,” sad Sue Joss, CEO of Brockton Neighborhood Health Center (BNHC)

“People from all over the state have called to try to find a vaccine and try to get on our list,” Joss said

“We have been criticized so much that our own patients have had trouble making an appointment”

One million dollars of public subsidies are made available to health centers in the form of grants of 25,000 dollars

The third aspect of the equity plan relates to sensitizing vulnerable groups in order to reduce the reluctance to be vaccinated

“The groups most affected by covid are those who are most reluctant to get vaccinated,” Joss added

She is Cape Verdean, a population of the city heavily affected by COVID-19 infections, according to the BNHC

“It makes me really sad It’s a terrible virus, that’s why we want to educate and get vaccinated, stay safe and stay healthy, ”Barbosa explained

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Ebene News – United States – Brockton talks vaccine fairness: help is needed

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