Ebene News – United States – Butler vs Providence: Expect a low scoring Big East battle

Butler will sweep Wednesday when he travels to Rhode Island to face Providence

Butler beat Providence, 70-64, a week ago sharing the wealth with five players finishing in double digits

The Bulldogs are still missing two starters at Christian David and Aaron Thompson, so the potential of this team has yet to be realized.However, they lost a lot of experience from last year including their No 1 option of score, Kamar Baldwin, who took more than a third of their shots last year

LaVall Jordan had to rely on transfers and freshmen, so we’ll see if he can put all the pieces together again on Wednesday

Once you get past Villanova and Creighton, the Big East midfielder is essentially up for grabs.However, Providence may well have the third best team in the conference this season

The brothers are starting to gain a reputation as children with heart disease as they toppled Davidson by one, Seton Hall in overtime and DePaul in double overtime

Ed Cooley has three starters in 2020 and coaches one of the most fundamentally strong teams in the Big East, so the brothers are set to fight Creighton and Villanova for first place in the league

So what was the biggest difference for Butler when he lost to Southern Illinois and beat Providence as a two point loser? High percentage shots

Butler didn’t shoot the ball well from inside the arc, hitting shots at a 475% clip, per KenPom However, against Providence, the Conduct and Dishwashing offense worked well, as Butler shot 525% on 2-point attempts Butler, however, needs to improve at the charity level as he’s shooting a dismal 618% this year

With Thompson and David on the sidelines, Butler had to rely on two freshmen at Chuck Harris and Myles Tate in their backcourt They both filled up well, but Jair Bolden, transferred to South Carolina , was truly Buter’s main goalscorer, leading the team with 14 points per game

However, where Butler really excels is in first zone with Bryce Nze and Bryce Golden They are the two most experienced Bulldogs returning this season and have been monsters on the glass, leading Butler to the fifth best percentage. defensive rebound this season

Providence’s strength last year was its defense However, Cooley’s side have been defining the average this season He ranks 88th in defensive efficiency, by KenPom, and sits just around the average of the NCAA in just about all advanced metrics

In the first meeting between these two teams, defense wasn’t really the issue, as Providence held Butler to just 456 percent of the field But it allowed the Bulldogs to shoot 23 free throws

However, as Butler shoots such a low percentage from the free throw line, this is almost where a team would want to place them. Down the line, if Providence repeats the same type of defensive performance, she should be able to to beat Butler the second time

For Providence to be successful on offense, it’s pretty simple: get the ball as close to the basket as possible

The Friars have one of the best crosses in the Big East to Nate Watson, who lost 19 points on 9 of 12 shots to Butler last week Providence shoots 539% from inside the arc, which ranks 67th in the country, but his troubles start offensively when he comes out of the arc

In their three losses to Indiana, Alabama and Butler, Providence shot a total of 18% at 3 points AJ Reeves and David Duke are two of the Big East’s most experienced guards, but they are no great 3-point shooters Providence will have to force the ball in more often against Butler this time around rather than settle for 26 3-point attempts

The biggest problem for Butler defensively has been defending 3-ball This is one of the problems with having to rely on two freshmen in the backcourt as they allow opponents to shoot from more than 38% of the back of the arch

However, the unit improved dramatically against Providence, allowing the Brethren to shoot only 157% behind the bow Butler also found it difficult to defend himself inside the bow, as he dropped far too many high percentage stares, allowing 55% on 2 point attempts

To beat the Brothers again, Butler will need to repeat the same defensive performance of seven days ago and keep Providence at a very low percentage on the pitch

In order for Providence to avoid sweeping, he will either need to shoot a higher percentage of depth or ensure that a higher percentage of his shots come from inside the arc At the teams meeting a week ago there were 68 possessions, which is just the pace for both teams

Considering the difficulties on the attacking side of both teams, I think this game will sink further I have 13,588 points projected for this game Also, if Thompson is out again, the projected total will be even lower

Therefore, I think those under 1385 points, but I would not play below that number

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Ebene News – United States – Butler vs Providence: expect a low-scoring Big East battle

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