Ebene News – United States – Celebrity IOU Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Allison Janney Surprises Her Assistant Ilana

HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU” is one of the most heartwarming and heartwarming shows on our TV screens right now. It follows Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help Hollywood celebrities surprise their loved ones with wonderful home improvement projects In particular, loved ones who have had a major impact on their personal and professional life Each hour-long episode not only gives us a glimpse into a celebrity’s private life and relationships, but it also gives us the opportunity to ” assess their design preferences, skills and more And like Allison Janney, Episode 2 of Season 2, you can bet the fun will follow.

@AllisonBJanney gets into the demo spirit of tomorrow night’s #CelebIOU with @jonathanscott and @mrdrewscott 🛠 Connect at 9 | 8c! imageTwittercom / 6rkP6daZ9E

According to the official synopsis given for this particular episode, titled “Allison Janney Gifts a Showstopper,” “Actress Allison Janney teams up with Jonathan and Drew Scott to give back to her 20-year-old assistant and close friend, Ilana.” In other words, the Oscar-winning actress asks the brothers for help in completely renovating the kitchen, dining room and living room of the one person who has supported her for the past two decades. After all, Ilana and her husband love to entertain, but their current cramped home isn’t ideal for hosting, so a stylish and functional gathering space is what the trio hope to provide.

“[Ilana] has become more of a family to me than anything else and she has given me a lot over the years,” Allison said in a press release. “I feel like she is a wonderful opportunity for me to do something beautiful for her She’s just a donor and it’s hard to get her to receive “She added:” Doing this for Ilana feels good It’s really good to give to someone ‘one like her who has been there for me in a way I never could have imagined “And as seen in the exclusive clip for the series, Allison gets a little emotional during the demolition process” Already this is so much better and bigger “, she says after knocking down a kitchen wall” It’s really exciting It’s going to change their life “

Of course, you can’t expect Allison Janney to do something and not be involved in almost every aspect.And in the same way, to achieve her goal of surprising Ilana, that doesn’t Didn’t mind getting her hands dirty at all In fact, the actress admitted quite honestly that she loved demolition “I’m not nervous or shy about tearing things up,” Allison says during a confessional “I love breaking things up It’s so much fun” She also adds, “Give me a hammer, and I’ll smash a few” Then the actress blew up walls while the twin brothers did encouraged from behind the scenes

“Honey, I’m home!” Allison Janney hilariously screams at one point, after literally knocking through a wall, channeling Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.” Although, before Ilana’s house completely changed its tone and reached its full potential. , the brothers say the space should get “a lot dirtier” first, to which the 61-year-old quipped, “Okay, yeah, I’ll let you do that” But Allison doesn’t leave the site without having done a little “demolition dance” first And honestly, it all really makes it feel like even though acting is Allison’s main vocation, we might see her doing such projects in the future.

Allison Janney

Ebene News – United States – Celebrity IOU season 2 episode 2 recap: Allison Janney surprises her assistant Ilana

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