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I have ventured out with Emily in Paris, with Joe Goldberg in Los Angeles, and with the Pretty Little Liars in Rosewood In all of my television travels I have seen many absurd developments, a bizarre twist , an event or a decision that makes you say: wait, what? But I’ve never traveled to a country that has less meaning, which is more systematically inconsistent, which instead gives the impression that someone is really writing everything they feel at the moment without consulting a bible or even a preview (maybe the whole series is an elaborate improvisation?) that I do recapping Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, for which I’m our Sabrina in Greendale and also, occasionally, hell I can’t wait to try digging for a conspiracy in these later episodes, like the coal miners digging for, you know, coal in Greendale – supposedly these days, but did this show really recover after being made for the 1960s only to be shaken up when the time comes for a crossover with Riverdale that never materialized?

To recap the last recap here so you have a bit of context: in the season three finale, using a temporal egg (?), Sabrina moved back and / or forward in time, resulting in the existence of a second Sabrina, and even though she was supposed to get rid of that Sabrina because there can only be one (sort of your standard time travel rules, re: don’t let yourself not see where the world will explode), she thought it would be cooler if there were two Sabrinas So now you have Sabrina Morningstar, who serves as Queen of Hell, and Sabrina Spellman, who still leads a divided life because she goes to Baxter High and a witch academy, and if you’ve been with us from the start, you’ll remember that was the central dichotomy of the show, and that the introduction of a third realm, which the relationship with the other two is fuzzy and confusing on the best days, don’t add really a lot about everything that has been happening on this show from the three seasons leading up to now

Other important developments: Zelda (who still runs with Mama Mambo) and Hilda now lead the clan, who worships Hecate instead of Lucifer (Sabrina’s father, who is also the devil) Blackwood lives in exile – but he has Agatha and he creates his own creepy tent church So resourceful! Wardwell had her memory erased by Sabrina so she no longer remembers that the Spellmans are witches any more. In other words, assuming Sabrina’s spell worked; I feel like his magical skills are still pretty questionable, right? Hell, Lilith is there, I guess as Sabrina Morningstar’s right-hand man, who must delight her Roz is dating Harvey Theo dating Robin Nick connects with Prudence Ambrose handles singles much more gracefully than Sabrina And darkness descends over the country – very Thriller – as these OooOOOooOooh Darth Vader style coal miner spirit ghosts come out of the mines and begin to denigrate all the lights of Greendale

I have and will of course continue to train Sabrina for her brash choices and refusal to absorb important information and / or learn from her mistakes BUT: her outfits! I love them! Big supporter of her signature silhouette and fall colors, which is a schoolgirl without being cute, fitted without being too tight, topped with those ribbon headbands and hair of a peroxide blonde just here for a plaid skirt and tights combo every day Also her lipstick is on point

In our Deadly Plot / Greendale, Sabrina feels left behind by her friends and classmates who – it is essential to note this – she regularly gives up to go do witchy stuff and that she almost gave up entirely. and forever to be able to rule Hell Like people are used to they rearranged in her absence and seem to be doing well But Brina is watching her paired (admittedly boring) friends kissing and talk, like Roz does, about how horrible it is that Baxter High doesn’t have sex, “which, AHEM, SOME of us really NEED now that we have sex all the time” (I paraphrase here) Instead of approaching this problem by having a normal conversation, Sabrina decides to fabricate an imaginary magical crisis to force the reunification of the “Fright Club”, apparently forgetting that her cunning “best friend” Roz, unkune is a medium and will see through this obvious masquerade head Literally the stuff she shoots is Bloody Mary, like in the sleepover joke, but with a little more oomph as she has powers and Salem

All I can say is that, again, this series doesn’t really make the character consistency, because that little trick was the whole idea of ​​Hilda, and it doesn’t strike me. at all like what Hilda would suggest Wouldn’t Hilda’s decision be: “You should talk to your friends, and if they care about you, they’ll understand”? Anyway these non-issues are finally resolved when Roz speaks the obvious very slowly to his friend Brina, as if the latter is recovering from a concussion: “We will always be friends, we just changed, so. you want to spend more time together, all you have to do is ask, “At the end of the episode, Sabrina takes her romantic destiny into her hands by accepting the TWO guys who want to date her on This Plot, which is tedious and silly, takes an eternity and a half, because all these episodes are 59 minutes long, specifically to torture me

On the way to the magical intrigue! At the Academy, Zelda is back with her fabulous hair, just confirming that they worship Hecate now, which means they need three witches to, like, represent her three forms? It’s not clear why they need it and why two of the three titles… go to Hilda and Zelda But the third role, the “young girl”, goes to Prudence Sabrina is disappointed, but did she do anything to earn that? No, she didn’t

Brina comes home to find one of those haunted miners turning off all the lights Meanwhile, there is also terrible darkness in the academy dormitory, where Zelda discovers another spectral miner In some sort from Mr Moviefone voiceover, the miner spits out all of Zelda’s insecurities at him – “You project strength so no one sees how weak you really are” – and honestly, I hate when millennials hit a benchmark Harry Potter like there are no other books in this world these guys are just like someone who just put a bogeyman and a dementor together Am I wrong? Are these your worst fears and it sucks all the joy and light out of the room? Less points for being double derivative, but on the bright side (lol) this is just the first of the eight Eldritch terrors we’re going to have. Maybe the next ones will be scarier, or at least more interesting

Ambrose, Zelda and Sabrina compare their notes on their separate sightings of spectral miners Then Hilda learns that Spellman’s morgue should expect three bodies of “wanderers dead under mysterious circumstances” It turns out that these bodies are the resurrected corpses of miners who died in the 1949 collapse Nick goes to the Spellmans to help Ambrose with a stain of necromancy, and they revive the miners for a 60 second interrogation, in which they learn that these miners do were NOT killed in an accident but it was actually the first Eldritch terror that made them in Darkness, warn these phantom bodies of minors, is returning, and it “will not be reasoned or stopped” Very 2020

Ambrose connects the dots at Blackwood, so Prudence appears because she wants to solve her father’s problems by doing a little patricide Nick says the place of this absolute darkness (which could theoretically be anywhere) is , duh, in the mines It takes several different strategies to face the terror: the witches cast a spell to seal Greendale; the “Fright Club” (I mean go ahead) will use the light to lure the spectral miners out of the way and into a confined space where they can be destroyed; and Sabrina will go to the source, which really looks like a tar puddle, to throw some magical light there or whatever.But he can only be defeated with LOTS of magical light – for example, the kind he might require two Sabrinas to generate

Ambrose told Sabrina, for all foreseeable reasons, that she couldn’t go to hell and spend time with herself, that the two Sabrinas couldn’t coexist, that everything was very dangerous and that the the universe was in danger, etc., etc, etc. But on that subject, he’s cave, so Sabrina jumps to hell It turns out easy to get there! In Hell, Sabrina Morningstar hosts a dance party As usual, hell looks like a very cheap Halloween dance in a high school cafeteria Morningstar is dancing with Caliban, who tried to trap Sabrina in a stone wall in the ninth circle of hell for all eternity but also, he’s cute (Who among us hasn’t texted an ex in quarantine?) Morningstar says life in hell is totally heavenly and it’s the ball every night She agrees to help Spellman with the magic light project

So the mortals gather all the spectral miners and bring them to the carnival grounds. Apparently, this carnival from last season is still there and up and running? Even if the power is off, none of these lights should work? Sure! Roz and Harvey successfully lead them into a tent to be burned alive (burnt to death?), Then help cast spells, led by Nick I don’t know why these non-magical people can do magic, because this show doesn ‘ever explained the most basic rules of how magic works here

In the pit, Morningstar Sabrina goes first Her magic globe glows bright blue but, of course, the creepy voiceover begins to scream her insecurities against her – “You will always be alone, you are an orphan, no one love you ”- and she loses strength Spellman walks in to help and inevitably they need the aunts’ help too. So Prudence tells the coven to take a quick break from the spell they were doing (which doesn’t seem so vital after all?) In order for them to sing along to the Sabrinas Ensemble, they manage to trap the Eldritch terror in their globe-y thing Great job, everyone!

Blackwood and Agatha are disappointed with this early failure, but Blackwood assures his sidekick that there are more terrors to come It’s like the plagues of the Passover Blackwood has a dream: The streets of Greendale will be “flooded” blood “I mean, man has a vision, I’m going to give him that

Back home we find out that Sabrina broke the most obvious rule, are you kidding me, no duh to mess with time loops and make a clone: ​​she kept Morningstar in Greendale So they could have a dance party? It’s deeply sad and hilarious to me that Sabrina calls herself ‘best friends forever’ because she can’t be bothered to reflect on how her behavior has distanced her from others and then do the job of maintaining. meaningful relationships with friends who aren’t ‘t, literally, just copies of her Pic Brina I’m sure everything will work out fine!

Ongoing mysteries: what will be the next seven Eldritch Terrors? Will Wardwell’s memories of the Spellmans return, perhaps through a curse / magic spell / other induced by Blackwood? Do we think an important plot point for the season will be that Sabrina will lose her virginity? If so, can he be with Nick?

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman, Hilda Spellman

Ebene News – USA – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Premiere: Darkness on the Edge of Town

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