Ebene News – United States – Colombian Police Investigate Early Morning Theft – ABC17

The officers were dispatched to block 100 West Broadway around 2:30 p.m.m for theft with a gun, the Columbia Police Department said in a press release Police said the victim told officers she was in his vehicle when a man approached of him with a handgun The thief left the area with an unknown amount of money, police said He was seen leaving in a red SUV with shiny rims


Here are the rest of the details from the police press release that ABC 17 and the Missourian do NOT want you to know:
“The victim described the suspect as a black man, measuring approximately 6 feet 3 inches to 6 inches 5 inches”

We will never solve our problems until we can face the facts without being filtered by dishonest media peddling a story


Ebene News – United States – Colombian police investigate early morning robbery – ABC17NEWS

Source: https://abc17news.com/news/crime/2021/05/04/columbia-police-investigate-early-morning-robbery-2/