Ebene News – United States – Dead: Carman, Christian Showman who topped the charts with triumphant faith

After a 40-year career in Christian music, Carman died Tuesday night in Las Vegas following surgery He was 65

He was a unique celebrity, and for those who knew him, the Christian singer and showman ranked in the highest echelons of American fame, up there with the other mononymous divas: Madonna Dear Liberace Carman

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For those who did not know him, the unique name was repeated as a Carman question? But while the Carman star never quite secured his place at the zenith of American fame, he never let that weaken his belief in his own fame, the awesome power of the concert-show-crusade-event. and his commitment to produce a pop show for Jesus

“Music is the best way I have to reach the most people in the fastest way to win them to Christ,” said Carman “I think an artist owes his audience to delight them and to impress them It lets people know that there is joy in being a Christian “

Carman, born Carmelo Domenic Licciardello and raised the youngest of three children in an Italian-American family in Trenton, New Jersey, won seven Dove Awards He was nominated for four Grammys, named Contemporary Christian Artist of the year by Billboard in 1990 and 1992, and sold over 10 million albums In 2013, 30 years after his first hit and in the wake of his cancer diagnosis, his fans raised $ 280,000 to allow him to tour from 60 cities

“When Carman resumed touring a few years ago he was worried that no one would care about his return. He was wrong Every night the fans were filling the halls and his ministry was as powerful as ever,” Carman manager Matt Felts said in tribute “This world has lost a light in the darkness, but today Carman has seen with his own eyes the fruit of his labors”

The singer had many fans who loved him effusively and described how much he had strengthened their faith

“All of his music touches my heart I thank God for giving Carman the gift of music,” wrote a Christian on Carman’s Facebook wall

“He was the best Carman,” she wrote “When the enemy attacks you remember he is defeated and when we get to Heaven you will have the great opportunity to send the big one back devil’s ass in hell”

The singer also had fans who celebrated him as the pinnacle of weirdness in 1990s youth band culture.They could, like Carman himself, be both incredibly serious and utterly ironic in their appreciation of his art

“It’s impossible to look at this body of work and not conclude that being a Christian pop and spoken word star was no small vanity project for Carman. More than being a Christian pop star is in general, I mean, “wrote Tyler Huckabee, editor of Relevant magazine, ranking the singer’s top 10 music videos, all of which are the star of Carman

“But let’s give it more credit than that… He saw it all, first and foremost, as something exciting; a call to be Clint Eastwood, James Bond and William Wallace all in one Bb ‘is a bit self-centered, it’s also quite fun “

Carman was born in 1956 to a meat cutter and a musician He described his mother Nancy Licciardello as a “child prodigy on the accordion” She gave Carman his love of the stage and his first chances to perform He filled the role when a band member didn’t show up at a local concert in New Jersey

“I knew I wanted it,” Carman recalls, “and once I tried I loved it”

Carman dropped out of high school at 17 and had some Top 40 hits in Atlantic City At the age of 20, he decided to try to make him a living room actor in Las Vegas

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In the augmented version of Carman’s story, repeated to reporters several times over the years, he was so successful in New Jersey casinos that a talent agent approached him to “represent my interests. and help me with my career ”, but the agent was linked to the DeCavalcante criminal family, known for extortion and racketeering in New Jersey Young Carman decided to leave town in his green Chevy Vega

In Las Vegas, Carman struggled to break into the music scene or make a name for himself He took a break to visit his sister, also named Nancy, in Orange County, California Nancy and her husband, Joe Magliato, pastor of the Son Light Christian Center, worried about Carman’s salvation and tried to convince him to accept Jesus Carman resisted, later recalling that he believed what they said but that ‘he was just too proud

He wasn’t too proud to accept an invitation to go to a music festival at Disneyland, however, and Carman heard the gospel message again at Andraé Crouch’s show. This time he accepted

“I was faced with the truth and received it,” said Carman “It’s not that he was doing something musical that hadn’t been done But when he sang you could feel the presence of God, and it was a whole new ball game “

The decision to follow Jesus ended Carman’s musical career, and he spent the next five years doing odd jobs in Southern California, until he began performing in churches and then to be drawn into the burgeoning contemporary Christian music scene

In 1981 Carman began traveling as the opening act for the Bill Gaither Trio He signed with a new label, Priority, which nearly ended his career when it closed in a year and did not release. the rights to his recordings However, he was ripped off by Myrrh and started again with the song “Lazarus, Come Forth”

The demons were planning to party one night
They had beer, Jack Daniels and pretzels,
There was red wine, white
They were celebrating how they crucified Christ on this tree

Carman had his first number one song with “The Champion” in 1985 and his first number one album on the Christian music charts with Revival in the Land in 1989

Over the next 10 years, Carman released 12 albums, five of which reached No. 1 on the Christian charts. He absorbed and adapted every pop style imaginable, reorienting them into rock-opera-like narratives, “songs history, “featuring Carman and built around his signature style of talk-singing Huckabee described it as” a sort of rhyme, spoken word, preaching-rap that defies description “

The Gospel Music Hall of Fame said his performances were “a combination of drama, rock, comedy, funk, satire, acting, song and preaching all woven together”

“There is one thing you can say about my music”, he said “It’s only mine And you don’t have to listen to the same sound for 10 songs”

With his success in Christian music, he expanded into music videos, films and mega-concerts He is believed to have set a record for the biggest Christian concert in 1993 with 50,000 people in a hall in Africa South, then again in 1994, with over 71,000 in Texas

“I was standing backstage and watching these huge crowds and thought I just don’t understand Nobody’s that good,” Carman said “I always have that disgusting feeling that at any moment they go all turn to each other and be like “what are we doing here” and they will all turn around and go “

It started in the 2000s His career slowed down, he was abandoned by his label and struggled to secure a deal with a new record company Then Carman suffered a series of personal tragedies: he lost money in the financial crisis; his brother is dead; he quarreled with his sister; a close friend died in a small plane crash; he was in a car accident and suffered internal injuries

In 2013, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer As Carman wrote to his fans on Facebook, doctors told him he had incurable myeloma and had three or four years to go. live

After a wave of support, Carman launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a final album and tour He raised $ 280,000 and started the No Plan B tour When the cancer went into remission, he attributed his recovery to the faith of his fans

“My friends, it was you who literally wanted this man and this ministry to come to life!” Carman wrote

Carman got married for the first time at the age of 61 and continued to film when the cancer returned in 2020 He billed it as “Carman Live: A CinemaSonic Experience” The tagline read: ” It’s a concert A film A play A crusade An unmissable event! “

According to Carman, he was doing the same thing he had done his entire career: “I make Jesus a very good taste for our American culture, I guess you can say In a way that everyone can identify yourself “

He died from hiatus hernia surgery In the end, he was planning another tour

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Ebene News – United States – Dead: Carman, Christian Showman who topped the charts with triumphant faith

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