Ebene News – United States – Driver apprehended after leading police in hour-long chase through various neighborhoods

Police were chasing a red Chevrolet Sonic with Washington license plates on Thursday night as they drove them through several neighborhoods

The driver then jumped onto the 101 freeway northbound towards Universal City where the CHP then took over

The driver then decided to turn around and take the 101 southbound highway again leading them through the streets of DTLA

The LAPD then resumed pursuit as the Chevy Sonic took the 2nd Street and Figueroa exit and passed through tall buildings

At one point, the driver headed the wrong way on a one-way street at around 9:28 a.m.

The gender of the driver was still unknown at this point, as he continued to turn on several red lights

The red Sonic then decided to return to the highway again They jumped on the 110 north towards Highland Park around 9:30 am

The car then exited onto Avenue 52 and continued in pursuit through the narrow streets of Highland Park

The driver then observed erratic behavior as he began to throw things out the window and wave what looked like clothes out the window and sunroof

The LAPD then decided to switch to tracking mode, a technique used by officers when they want drivers to believe that they are no longer being tracked so that the driver stops driving erratically or slows down

At 9:50 a.m. the driver stopped at an intersection, the first time he had followed the traffic lights, and waited for the light to change for a few minutes

Four cop cars then pulled up behind him, but the driver did not react and continued to wait for the green light

As the car waited in the leftmost lane, indicating that they were going to turn left, the four police cars disengaged, turned around and drove off

Other cars waiting for the light to change got impatient and followed the police suit and turned around as the endless red light continued to flash

The red Sonic finally made a right turn and continued north on San Fernando Rd, jump onto Glendale 2 Hwy then head east on Hwy 134 toward Eagle Rock

The driver then quickly made an exit and parked at a gas station around 9:58 amm near the intersection of northern Figueroa and Colorado where the CHP who had again resumed the pursuit boxed in the car and ended the pursuit

Several officers then charged towards the car and apprehended a man as he attempted to escape through the backseat

The man who was shirtless was then detained at 10 p.m.m conclude another pursuit in Los Angles

Los Angeles car chase, Eagle Rock

Ebene News – United States – Driver apprehended after leading police in hour-long chase through various neighborhoods

Source: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/police-are-in-pursuit-of-a-driver-near-universal-city/2530714/