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There’s no other way to tell, the weight loss Ethan Suplee suffered is absolutely insane to see.However, he recently told Joe Rogan that he still has self-image issues, even after losing 200 lbs

For most of his time in Hollywood, Suplee was billed as the stereotypical “big guy” Whether in films like Remember the Titans or The Butterfly Effect, the 6’1 giant over 500 lbs. has been classified for years

However, in recent times the perception of the New Yorker has changed dramatically This, of course, came after his undeniably incredible weight loss transformation, leaving him almost unrecognizable.

In fact, that’s precisely what Joe Rogan told Ethan Suplee when the actor recently made an appearance on his podcast It immediately opened the door for them to talk about his insane weight loss and what ‘it took him to get there

Ethan began by explaining that it was a process that had taken him over 20 years He lost over 200 lbs during this time, but he says he struggled on several occasions with his weight fluctuating from high downstairs with different diets he tried

“Over the past 20 years I have been going back and forth with the diets I have lost a weight load, I have regained a weight load,” Suplee said

“Listen, a lot of diets have your say, just do it and you’ll lose weight, but we’re not at all focused on how we got to where we were at that we were considering. wanting to change So, breaking the bad habits I had, which I would associate with allowing myself to go up to 550 lbs is really more important than anything I could say: “This is what I did to lose weight ‘”

For about 15 years Suplee has been increasing and decreasing in weight, reaching up to 200 lbs However, he has now settled into a lean and muscular weight of 270 lbs, where he has remained for the past five years, and feels good at this weight

That said, he doesn’t necessarily feel good looking at himself He told Joe Rogan that by looking at himself in the mirror or looking at pictures of himself he still struggles with the demons of disease mentality that distort their self-image

“It’s incredibly satisfying, but the reality is I have a mental illness and I don’t look at myself and think, ‘God I look great’ I only see negative stuff all of them the days, “Suplee explained

“I’m trying to convince myself, I’m trying to find something that I’m happy with Usually these are my traps, I can look at my traps because they are skinny, there is not a lot of loose skin hanging out there not all of them scarred by the surgeries, and I look at my traps and I’m like, ‘Okay, that looks good,’ and based on that I can start to feel feel good about myself

“Looking at those (old) photos is also a long time ago I just can’t understand how I was living then It’s very weird,” Suplee added

When asked why he had these self-image issues, Ethan told Joe that it started when he was a kid He was forced to diet at an early age, which had a negative impact on the way he looked at himself

“When I go back to my childhood I was put on a diet at the age of 5 Before that I had no sense of myself … and at 5 I was put on a diet. this diet and all of these parts of me have been reported as very negative, ”Suplee explained.

“In all honesty if you look at the 5 year old average today I wasn’t obese at 5 I was a chubby 5 year old but I was super active and I didn’t eat junk food all day… I spent most of my life feeling bad Literally that I was wrong or wrong, or that there was something very negative about me So I still have to fight this today “

Obviously, this is a very difficult thing that Ethan Suplee will likely struggle with for a long time. That being said, it is impossible to deny that the transformation he has undergone is worthy of admiration and a source of inspiration. ‘inspiration

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Ebene News – United States – Ethan Suplee reflects on his miraculous 200lb weight loss: ‘Can’t relate to how I lived so ” – Fitness Volt

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