Ebene News – United States – FKA twigs on being a survivor and overcoming Shia LaBeouf’s alleged abuse: “I just thought, ‘Where did it all go wrong?'”

British singer-songwriter FKA twigs speaks in her first TV interview since filing a civil lawsuit in December against her ex-boyfriend, actor Shia LaBeouf She accuses LaBeouf of sexual assault, assault and infliction of emotional distress He denies the allegations His lawyers have said that the actor “denies, generally and specifically, each of the allegations” in the trial

“I’ve always been told that, you know, I was special and that I took care of my heart and the light inside my chest and when I was with Shia, that light came on. is off And I just didn’t think it could happen, ”she told“ CBS This Morning ”co-host Gayle King.

FKA twigs said they met LaBeouf in 2018 when she made her acting debut in “Honey Boy,” a movie LaBeouf wrote about her childhood The two began a troubled romance that lasted a little less a year old, a relationship she said had red flags from the start

“At first he would come, he would almost go, like, well he would jump over the fence where I was staying and leave flowers outside my door, poems and books and I thought it was very romantic But that quickly changed “said FKA twigs” You know I now understand that it tests your limits Instead of telling me, ‘Oh, you know, it’s good to have flowers on my doorstep’ ‘, now I’m thinking,’ It’s inappropriate to jump over the fence where I live It’s breaking a border ‘But it didn’t stop there You know, his behavior gradually became more and more abusive “

FKA twigs said she wanted to share her story to help others spot the early signs of abuse and let survivors know they are not alone

Gayle King: I heard you use the term “love bombing” What do you mean by that?

Twigs FKA: Put me on a pedestal, tell me I was amazing, show exaggerated affection, just to knock me off the pedestal, to tell me I was worthless, to criticize myself, to reprimand me, for, you know, to separate me

Twigs FKA: Some of the worst times I’ve had in this relationship were when I think he felt like he was losing control of, of me, and that I was trying to get out

King: Didn’t he have a request from you, you must have kissed him a number of times?

Twigs FKA: Yeah, I had to give him some sort of physical affection a day So at first it was touches So I should, like, touch him and say, “Are you okay?” How I love you “

Twigs FKA: You know, little things like that And then I started to really understand that and then he said I didn’t kiss him enough

Twigs FKA: No I think it was about 20 touches and kisses a day And then I started to panic and I and, you know, you lose count, and the days get blurry And I’m like: ” It’s 8:00 am, and I have about three hours left to do this “

FKA twigs: abusers use gas light, that is, someone downplays your experience You know, it’s like changing your story or not listening to you, and, and denying your experience, and eventually it got physical There were certain instances where he would push me and then he would say, “You fell” And I would get really confused And, and I think, I would think, “Maybe I did “

King: When did you know, “This is really serious, maybe I need to rethink this relationship?”

Twigs FKA: Yeah Well we had, around Valentine’s Day we had a really disturbing trip to a spa in the desert But it just went down to one of the worst, you know, like, long weekends I had had in my whole life It got him to hit the freeway and say if I left him, or if I said, if I said I didn’t love him not and that if I had to leave him he would crash the car into a wall and I thought wow, like he needed so much control over me that he would rather kill us both And finally he got parked in a gas station, and tried to unload my bags from the car There were three men, in front of the car And I remember thinking, “That’s it” I was like, “C ‘is that I ended up “Like,” I can’t do this anymore “And he came to get me and he threw me against the car and started to choke me and that’s when I realized that I needed help to get out of this relationship

Twigs FKA: They didn’t do anything They just looked at us And I felt so lonely, you know? And that’s why I wanted to come forward, because victims and survivors, like, shouldn’t have to feel alone

Twigs FKA: Yeah and I remember after this weekend, going back to where I was staying and looking at myself in the mirror, one side of me was, like, completely black and I was so shocked, you know? Like, I was [starts to cry]

King: So twigs, just look at yourself for a second You talk about something very traumatic for you And yet you feel like you’re the one to apologize It’s sort of

Twigs FKA: Exactly So I went back to where I was staying, and one whole side of my body is black and blue And I remember thinking, you know, I’m a dancer And, and I really love my body , and I take so much care of it and I was looking at my body and I was just like, “Where did it all go wrong?”

FKA Twigs: I didn’t, originally wanted to make sure he got help privately so he couldn’t hurt anyone like he hurt me I wanted him to ‘he gives money to a charity, to an organization, because when I called the helpline it was a real moment when everything changed for me They didn’t know I was, like, FKA twigs They didn’t know who I was I was just a girl on the end of the phone And

King: If he had done the things you asked for, you wouldn’t have sued

King: No one who’s been in this position likes this question, and I often wonder, is that even an appropriate question to ask and you know the question is why are you not gone?

Twigs FKA: Yeah I think we just need to stop asking this question I know you are asking it, for example, for love, but I’m just going to take a stand and say I won’t answer this question again, because the question should really be addressed to the abuser, “Why are you holding someone hostage with abuse?” You know, and people say, “Oh, that can’t have been that bad, because otherwise you would be. gone “And it’s like,” no it’s because it was so bad I couldn’t go “

King: Shia LaBeouf released a statement: “A lot of these allegations are not true” But he also said this: “I have no excuses for my alcoholism or my aggressiveness, only rationalizations I am violent towards myself and everyone around me for years, “he said” I’m ashamed of this story, and I’m sorry for those I hurt “When you heard that, what did you thought?

Twigs FKA: I think it reminds me of some of the gas lighting that I experienced when I was with him, and kind of take some of the blame but not all and then deny it


Twigs FKA: I think the result for me is already happening I think I needed it, I couldn’t carry it anymore, you know? I had the impression of cracking While now I have the impression of having returned his dysfunction to him and it is his

This story raises issues related to domestic violence If you need help or want to learn more about how to help others, please check out the resources below

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE or thehotlineorg The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: ncadvorg UK Sistah Space Charity: sistahspaceorg Future Without Violence: A Future Without ViolenceorgSafe Horizon: safehorizonorg

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Ebene News – United States – FKA twigs on being a survivor and overcoming the alleged abuse of Shia LaBeouf: “I just thought, ‘Where did it all go wrong ??’ ”

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