Ebene News – United States – Former Illinois House of Commons Speaker resigns following corruption probe

Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) resigns from state legislature at month’s end in corruption probe

“Today I am announcing that I will resign as the 22nd District State Representative at the end of the month,” Madigan said in a statement released by WGN Radio in Chicago “I have had the great honor of serving the people of Illinois as Speaker of the House and State Representative for the 22nd District”

Madigan has come under scrutiny over a federal probe into a corruption scheme in which Commonwealth Edison allegedly sought to gain Madigan’s favor

Four people linked to the scheme, including a close confidant of Madigan, have pleaded not guilty in federal court However, Madigan has not been charged with a felony and has denied committing any wrongdoing or knowing about the scheme

“It is no secret that I have been the target of vicious attacks from people who sought to diminish my many accomplishments by raising workers in Illinois,” Madigan added in his communicated “The point is that my motivation to serve an elected term has never wavered. I have been resolute in my dedication to public service and integrity, always acting in the best interests of the people of Illinois”

Madigan has served as Speaker of the House for 35 of the last 37 years and only gave up the hammer for a two-year period in the mid-1990s, when Republicans controlled the House

“Since last month Michael Madigan has dedicated 50 years of service to the Illinois House of Representatives I thank the former Speaker for his sincere and meaningful contributions to our state,” Welch said

<p I really appreciate his contributions and join with Illinois people across the state in wishing him good luck, ”he said.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy criticized Madigan’s resignation in an emailed statement, saying his legacy “is that of presiding over the decline of a once-great state, inflating liabilities pensions of hundreds of billions of dollars and the accumulation of historic political power that has mainly benefited government insiders and special interests “

“President Madigan may no longer be a state representative, but he is still chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, where he personally controls over $ 15 million in campaign money,” did he declare

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Ebene News – US – Former President of Illinois House of Representatives Resigns Following Corruption Inquiry

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