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The weather in Fort Worth, Texas was sloppy today The offensive play on the football field at the Armed Forces Bowl didn’t look much nicer

Mississippi State lead Tulsa 7-6 after two quarterbacks in Lone Star State So far, this has been a game where the Bulldogs have offensively looked a lot more like themselves from October than the starting squad apparently to form in the last few weeks Meanwhile, the Golden Hurricane didn’t exactly roll either Tulsa passed MSU but only had to settle for a few field goals

The MSU offensive line has taken a step back so far today It is difficult to understand exactly what this state offensive front is This has been a season of ups and downs for the unit and the only thing consistent with the band has been its inconsistency Some weeks, like in the season finale against Missouri, the line looks great Then there are days like so far when the five Bulldogs guys up front can’t block three defensive linemen Five expected to beat three Every Single Time But MSU has allowed three sacks so far against Tulsa To be fair, at least one of these could hang on to quarterback Will Rogers for holding the ball too long But still, Bulldogs must be better along the line in the second half

The State’s Biggest Defensive Games Come From Little Known Names I’m going to assume many of you are reading this who wouldn’t know Jay Jimison or Sherman Timbs if you were right behind them in the grocery line He might even be fair to say that half or more of you had never heard your name before today But Jimison, a defensive back, and Timbs, a defensive lineman, delivered two of Thursday’s biggest plays Jimison stuck his hand and broke a touchdown pass almost certainly in the second quarter Later in the period, Timbs picked up a huge sack on a 3rd play and 6-yard line goal Both times, the Hurricane had to settle for field goals If State continues to win this game, Jimison and Timbs’ plays will remain two of the most critical moments – a classic example of being ready when your number is called Especially for Jimison He hadn’t played a game of the year until State took a skeleton crew to Georgia because the list was depleted by COVID-19 issues and other things He has played every game since and now has a big bowl game

Where’s Jaden Walley? MSU might need to find a way to get their first-year second-half game receiver more involved.He has tallied over 100 yards in each of the last four games, but has had just one catch for two yards in the first half today The Bulldogs have proven they are at their best when Walley is going wild. Getting him more involved would be a good idea for the last 30 minutes

Tulu Griffin Looks Electric Perhaps the main reason State is leading in this game is Griffin’s starting return from 57 yards to start things off The Bulldogs conceded this soon after on a touchdown 28-yarder Jo’Quavious Marks Griffin later had another long kickoff return, but he was wiped out due to a call-on-hold Still, Griffin looks like a player that’s going to be fun to watch for a few years and here guess someday soon the speedster is going to take one or two or more home

Defense starts again Zach Arnett continues to make the most of this group The MSU defensive coordinator week after week has his guys ready to play They bend a little sometimes But they rarely break with any degree of frequency That is really remarkable what the state did on the defensive throughout the year considering the issues the dogs had to face in the year

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Ebene News – United States – Armed forces bowl at halftime

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