Ebene News – United States – Hawks abandon thriller to Nets and suffer first loss of 2020-21 season

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The Atlanta Hawks suffered their first loss of the season in a (very) high scoring affair against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center, 145-141 on Wednesday night

Trae Young and John Collins’ 30-10 games (a season high) weren’t enough to lead them to a fourth straight win Cam Reddish hit the foul line 10 times career-best in road to 20 points Bogdan Bogdanovic has scored 22 points, a season high, six of which are three points

Kevin Durant led the Nets with 33 points – including nine free throws in the final quarter – while running mate Kyrie Irving overcame a tough start to score 25 points Joe Harris hit six three-pointers to add 23 points for the Nets

It’s worth pointing out, right off the bat, that this was a very entertaining game on both sides – a very fun game As one would have probably expected, this was a case that got some high scores and neither side interrupted the entire match (neither team leading by more than nine points)

The Hawks ‘hotshots and highscores of the season continued with 41 points in the first quarter and another 68 points in the first half. Their problem, however, is that the Nets’ first half are showing up- same – the Hawks just couldn’t stop the Nets in any way, shape or form That being said, the Nets also couldn’t stop the Hawks or retire (their biggest lead of the game was just five points), but the looming problem for the Hawks during this game was that Kyrie Irving was 1 in. 10 off the field at halftime – that wasn’t going to last, and the question was going to be asked, “What would happen to the Hawks if Irving put it on?” Could they survive the nets? “

Well, two minutes to go – and Irving shooting a lot now at this point – the Hawks trailed just two points on the road for a shot at winning this game. We’ll take a look at the games from the last two minutes of the game, see where things went wrong for the Hawks on the straight and go from there

Before we even got into the thick of it, the Hawks were already on the sidelines being the trailing team in a game where the two teams traded buckets, meaning the Hawks had to make at least a few saves to hope to win this game

That first bucket is Kyrie Irving being Kyrie Irving as he hits a deep three on De’Andre Hunter to put them five points (their biggest lead in the game):

The response to this was instantaneous, with Trae Young busted by Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and overtaking Jarrett Allen to finish at the rim to reduce the lead to three points:

In a similar location to the three he just did, Irving is once again confronted by De’Andre Hunter. This time Irving steps in and Hunter’s contest is much more effective, and Irving’s three are long:

In a fourth quarter where the Nets shot 63%, misses were rare, which meant the Hawks absolutely needed to score on all of the Nets’ misses, especially three down with 1:30 to to play

With Young collecting the rebound, he quickly switches to Reddish The Reddish does what he needs to: put pressure on the rim and allow the shooters to move to their positions On his side, Reddish finds Hunter for a wide open to three pointers, which is missing:

Because the shot is missed you are inclined to think “maybe Reddish should have found Bogdanovic on the weak side” and, given the way he was riding last night, maybe Bogdanovic should have be the one to whom the ball went? However, the shot Hunter got was a fantastic shot, a fantastic opportunity Unfortunately for Hunter, he couldn’t hit it when it counted Don’t get mad at Hunter, but it was the biggest shot in the game – leveling the game with less than 1h30 from the end – and it was a chance that passed him on this occasion

What hurts the Hawks even more after that is that they actually put together another save (the only time the Hawks got back-to-back fourth-quarter saves other than the very start of the fourth), as Durant tries to take over Collins head-to-head but his triple pointer is missed:

Yet another chance for the Hawks to level the game with a three that goes down to the ground The Hawks take their time to finally throw a pick-and-roll Young-Collins Young puts Allen behind him and Luwawu-Cabarrot has to s ‘engage with Young, leaving Collins in a prime position to receive the ball under the rim, hammered by Allen for two free throws:

With 40 seconds to go, the Nets come the other way with Kyrie Irving, who rushes inside before stepping out the step back, contested fadeaway and that’s nothing else that net:

Hunter can’t do a ton more here It’s just Kyrie Irving doing things with Kyrie Irving

“It’s hard to see,” Collins said of Irving. “After playing a good game and giving it up in the fourth. At the end of the day a lot of shots were tough, but that’s what he does: make difficult shots They are the most difficult to live “

With 32 seconds remaining – and now coming out of a timeout – the Hawks now have a choice of how they handle this situation

They can draw a game that gives them an instant three-point shot and go for a 2 in 1 with 32 seconds left. If they get it, great, if they don’t, maybe they can still get it. another shot and they must not make any mistakes

The other alternative is that they could run something a little more elaborate in the clock, go get a bucket and play foul play with a little clock left

Out of the time-out, Young returns to Collins, who returns the ball to Young and heads for the rim Young then hands the ball to Bogdanovic and sets the screen Bogdanovic hesitates but tries the three-point attempt but fails:

/ p>

Before we talk about what happens next The Hawks have probably waited too long on this piece for the shot they ended up getting.By the time the shot is released and the ball is in Allen’s hands, the shot clock is off and the Hawks must commit a foul

Meanwhile, the bench implores those on the pitch to make a foul They miss the great chance to foul Luwawu-Cabarrot and send him to the Cabarrot line finds Irving, who quickly luffs the ball in Durant, Collins cannot reach Durant who drives and ends up with the dunk to end the game:

Between Reddish and Hunter, one of them must be fouled in this situation, but the bigger one was Reddish without fouling Cabarrot – a disappointing way for the Hawks to end this game considering all they did. have done to get to this point of the game

Watching this clip back, I noticed something on the Nets bench, specifically did coach Steve Nash try to call for a while after that absence?

Looks like he tried, wasn’t seen, then awkwardly pushes it through as it ended up working in favor of the Net Maybe it’s a call for something else (but y does he have anything else to call at this point when the Hawks need to foul you?) But it seemed to look like this

Either way, with the game almost over, the Hawks use their last timeout Out of it, Hunter drains a catch-and-shoot corner three to bring the Hawks back in two points:

Ironically, this was a harder shot to make than the one he missed to equalize the game earlier (which, again, makes that miss even more difficult) From there, the Hawks put Durant in play, where he freezes the game and the Hawks, with no downtime, fall in their first loss of the season

Throughout the game, the Hawks couldn’t produce consistent saves, but by the time of the fourth quarter, the Nets had something in store, in the tank as they scored 43 points in the last quarter, with Durant (16 points) and Irving (17 points) combined for 33 of those 43 points, the Associated Press noting that Durant and Irving scored the last 20 points for the Nets in the game’s remaining 5:23.

Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce is usually quite chatty after the game, but when asked what the difference was going into this game, he simply replied, “Kyrie (Irving ) and Kevin (Durant) were hot in the fourth quarter”

The end of the game was particularly messy and unhappy between the failed foul and the botched 2-for-1 opportunity with the Hawks dropping three points, which Pierce admitted was executed incorrectly, costing the Hawks a possession

After the game, Pierce admitted that this play had not been executed as it should have been, which cost them a possession

“We just didn’t perform it,” said Pierce “Didn’t perform the read I thought we could have a clean look, but not really a clean look I went out and got it did the second time around (the Hunter three) but we kind of cost each other a possession “

Despite the unfortunate end of the game, the Hawks can take comfort in knowing they can hang out with one of the best teams in the league, and a team that I think many expect to be a dark horse in. the Eastern Conference this season

“We know we can beat this team,” said Pierce of the positive results. “We have to learn to execute, we have to learn how to finish in the home stretch, we have to organize a fourth defensive quarter. that’s the finish: running on both sides of the basketball “

Pierce would later discuss Reddish not fouling Cabarrot after Bogdanovic’s three-point failure in the execution and finish that he referred to moments earlier.

“It’s part of the execution: time and scoring situation,” said Pierce “Obviously we lost three on the first possession, we didn’t have a clean look You want to make mistakes quickly and give you some time, because then we will have to use the timeout So we are going to need that much time on the back end, I think we wasted a few precious seconds not to get dirty immediately This is just part of the finish All the details: knowing the time and the score, if we do all three we don’t need to make any mistakes and we need to understand it too “

In the end, the Nets had more experience in the hands of Durant and Irving, as well as additional equipment like the one Irving found after his 3 of 16 start to the game.

Alright let’s talk about defense and some of the thought patterns that should / shouldn’t be happening right now

First of all, gut reactions are never good – you should always keep in mind Second, if you’ve seen the way this list was built you should probably know that the Hawks weren’t likely to be an elite defensive team It shouldn’t surprise you that the Hawks are running away from points on this front alone (they’re also 27th in the NBA on a defensive note)

That said, the Hawks were playing a team that was more than likely going to be one of the best offensive teams for the Nets, which rank third in the league in points per game, hence their defensive weaknesses – particularly in point position. guard – are going to be on display by Irving and Durant at these places before, on top of all the attention these guys get you have Joe Harris who made six threesomes last night

“It’s tough,” Pierce said when asked how to defend Irving. “You try to send him to the screen He’s so sneaky You wanna try to blitz him he’s sneaky he can dismiss those screens and now you’re a defender on one side When you blitz him or a hedge or something at the top he’s elusive and you jostle each other I think they got a three the first time we had tried to blitz it, second time around they gave us a backhand cut because you have two guys engaged in basketball and now you are looking at the ball everywhere else trying to do it take things away You leave it face to face on an island, you know what to expect in this situation

“There is no easy answer when you have guys like that You have to throw different looks we tried to throw different looks and they came out on top with that tonight There is no easy answers for him, for KD Our thing is how can we throw early looks, how can we throw different looks We brought in Solo (my Hill) so we can more easily pass for a possession When you walk in situational basketball, you hope one of these things stays You hope, if they don’t do these three, I hope what you did was you took the ball out of his hands and you made someone else beat you up where they do these three and they have this backdoor, that’s what you’re looking for, you just don’t want to be punished by that “

Yes, the Hawks conceding 145 points is not ideal but that shouldn’t be too surprising either given the compilation of roster and opponents of the night

The Hawks don’t really need to hear too much about defense: everyone knows she needs to be better, and even saying she only needs to be better for a few possessions during this fourth quarter time

“We just needed to make a few more saves,” said Young. “We scored every time with them but that wouldn’t help us win this game. We just needed a few more saves to get a lead and maybe be holding it, try to close the end, but we couldn’t get a few stops This is something we can definitely improve “

The Hawks’ poor defense is going to be an advantage for many I’m sure, but there are a lot of positives to be found in this game too

There is no shame in losing narrowly against this side of the Nets, a team with two best players in the league with a marksman in Harris and a solid supporting cast even without Spencer Dinwiddie under the Form of Allen, Caris LeVert and strong shooters like Landry Shamet and Taurean Prince coming off the bench – they are a deep team and can build on their strengths with Durant and Irving needing so much attention

People have high expectations of the Nets and the Hawks pushed them through and followed them the whole way – their efforts were commendable

The Hawks always shoot the ball really well, they still make it to the free throw line (another 16 free throw attempts for Young, 35 for the Hawks in total compared to the Nets ’23 attempts), 12 turnovers c’ is a good outing for the Hawks (who were the worst team in the league in turnover last season), 17 offensive rebounds for 24 second chance points, they kept the Nets at 10 quick break points despite their staff , scored 20 points from the Nets’ nine turnovers

There are a lot of positives to be taken for the Hawks in this contest, despite leaking 145 points in the regulations, and hey, they’ve scored 141 points themselves Admittedly, the Nets – like the Hawks – do do not have a defensive team themselves but an impressive effort nonetheless

Atlanta’s 141 points tonight in Brooklyn were the Hawks’ most scored in a regulatory loss in franchise history

The Nets were also impressed with the Hawks ‘effort last night, with the Hawks’ scoring effort dismantling the number one defense before last night

“Ky (rie Irving) definitely brought us home,” Nets head coach Steve Nash said via The New York Post “We were definitely tested. We entered the game No 1 defensively, and it came out the window”

“They’re going to be a team to be reckoned with this season” – Kevin Durant on the Atlanta Hawks

They might have lost the game, but respect for the Hawks across the league could only have increased after last night Overall, a strong game for the Hawks in what has been a big test for them but in no way determining

“It’s a big test for us to see where our defense is, to see where our minds are offensively and in terms of execution,” Collins said. “As we’ve seen tonight, a lot lots of things we can work on, lots of things we do well and everything in the middle too “

Collins was a little slow coming out the gate to start his fourth season, but got his feet on the ground scoring 30 points, a season high of 12 of 20 shots from the field, 2 of 5 three by grabbing 10 rebounds (including four offensive rebounds) in 30 minutes

In what was by far his best game of the young season, let’s take a look at how it happened

In what has become a trend, Collins follows the game up the ground and is found by Hunter for the top three:

With DeAndre Jordan on the floor and preferring to sit closer to the paint, it gives the Hawks some opportunities on the outside, and Collins has a relatively free three-look, which he hits:

From the wing handling the ball, Collins exits the screen Clint Capela and gets up for two at the elbow:

I really liked this piece in between these two and wouldn’t mind seeing a little more every now and then Reminded me for a brief second of the four-five pick-and-roll that the Rocket had it going with Josh Smith and Dwight Howard who completely destroyed the Dallas Mavericks in the 2015 playoffs (however, Dirk and Tyson Chandler made easy preys for those two) maybe when Capela is in better shape game

Next is one of Collins’ famous pick-and-roll slips, with Trae Young delivering the bounce-pass to Collins on the slip for the bucket:

Another skid, this time in the third quarter and with Allen backpedaling, Collins is able to finish off with a madness on Young’s lane-oop:

On quite a few possessions, Collins ended up with a mismatch Harris is the shift on that possession as Collins hits the jumper face-up before Durant can help:

LeVert didn’t do any better either and tries to pull a charge but contact is not called and Collins has an easy task to complete when LeVert falls on contact:

Collins was also able to clean the glass on the offensive side, grabbing four offensive rebounds and turning them into second chance points (scoring eight of them last night)

After failing to attack Allen, Collins grabs his own check, makes contact, passes the ball, and fouls the “and-1”:

Apart from Miss Rajon Rondo, Collins dismisses Durant and sticks the handover layup:

For more variety, Collins attacks Allen in the fourth quarter, going to his right before switching to his left hand to finish at the rim:

Love to see Collins use his left hand in a situation like this Collins, looking like himself last night in a game he has enjoyed over the years

“He played well against these guys,” Pierce said of Collins “It’s a small ball team Their four is usually four perimeters, so it’s an ability for him (Collins) to placing behind the defense is an ability for him to get lobs and objects on the edge, to knock down the offensive glass He did that historically against these guys “

Collins is an elite at slipping pick-and-rolls and putting pressure on the rim with his athleticism, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed

For Collins, he credited his teammates for his night out last night, as well as the credit for the game plan

“My teammates were finding me tonight,” Collins said of his night. “I feel like I figured out the game plan and how they were going to play me and I was just ready to attack J felt like if I didn’t go out tonight for a JC type game, a solid night, an active night, I feel like I’m going to put my team at a disadvantage I just wanted to come out energetically and aggressively and try to create a spark “

Collins was disappointed that he didn’t get a win last night, but his game last night was a huge positive after a slower start than many would have had for Collins heading into his fourth season With the Hawks in action against the Nets again on Friday, you think this is another opportunity for Collins to build on that strong performance – the Nets have had no response for Collins lately

A big minus from last night amid the positives was the injury of Danilo Gallinari, who had just returned from an injury after playing just the opener of the regular season against the Chicago Bulls

Gallinari was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle in the first half and did not return After the game, Pierce was unsure of Gallinari’s injury

“Just sprained my ankle again” said Pierce from Gallinari “I don’t know if it’s the same or another, probably the same I sprained it again”

The severity of his injury remains to be seen but an unfortunate break for Gallinari, who has struggled to stay on the pitch in the past He only played three minutes last night and had already scored five points – had l decent game for Gallinari, but now the Hawks will have to wait and see if he will be available again for Friday’s game against the Nets

The Hawks (3-1) will face the Nets again on Friday night at Barclays It will be interesting to see the various adjustments made by the two teams, with both teams certainly hoping to avoid conceding 140 points again


Ebene News – United States – Hawks abandon thriller to Nets and suffer first loss of 2020-2021 season

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