Ebene News – United States – It’s Rick and Morty Babies: The annual April Fools’ prank of adult swimming has arrived

While we’re here at AV The club’s news office – whose work can, if you’re feeling grandiose, loosely described as an ongoing, losing effort to discern what’s still fucking real in the bubbling news soup of the internet daily – a pretty low tolerance for April 1, unkune The Funny Lying Day, we have to give some reluctant admiration to Adult Swim’s annual efforts If nothing else, the annual pranks network show a lot of effort, if not risks, whether it’s debuting with a highly anticipated episode of Rick and Morty months earlier or directing The Room for three years in a row. Or take an episode of Rick and Morty, rename it “Rick and Morty Babies”, and have the kids re-record all the dialogue That Kind Of Thing

Anyway, Adult Swim took an episode of Rick And Morty (fan favorite “Total Rickall”, FYI), doubled down on all the dialogue with the young actors, and aired it tonight in the part of their “Adult Swim Junior” initiative It’s, fittingly, surreal (they redid the whole intro, and Mr. Poopy Butthole is now called “Mr Poopy Butt Butt”, although it also reminds you that Rick And Morty is pretty funny no matter what you do with it We’ll never think of a little kid who says something is like ” 90s Conan “still agian

It’s not yet clear what else will benefit from this treatment – Robot Chicken and Family Guy are both on the schedule, but who knows – but you can see the edited episodes, at least for now, at the link YouTube above

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Ebene News – United States – It’s Rick and Morty Babies: The Annual Adult Swim Prank April Fools is here

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