Ebene News – United States – Men’s basketball: specified roles and player buy-in to take Buckeyes to previous heights

Ohio State junior forward Judge Sueing (14) dribbles the ball across the field during the Ohio State-Purdue game on January 19 Ohio State lost 65-67 Credit: Mackenzie Shanklin | Photo editor

The last time the Buckeyes held a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, the roster was led by a lower class forward, a junior goaltender and one of the top shooters in the game. 3 points of the country

Although Ohio State no longer has first-year forward Jared Sullinger, junior guard William Buford and then-senior guard Jon Diebler, the 2020-21 Buckeyes have relied on individuals filling out roles to elevate the team in the conversation for a of the best seeds in March

In the 2010-11 season, former head coach Thad Matta’s team – littered with 100 top rookies – went 32-2 in the regular season, and despite sharing the same success as their predecessor, head coach Chris Holtmann said his team must continue to maintain the membership which has put them in the position of being the no 4 team in the country with a 17- record. 4

“I think this is probably one of the most important factors in our success, there is no doubt that our guys are embracing their roles and playing in their roles,” Holtmann said on Saturday “Now it’s fluid Hopefully this will continue Hope the guys will continue to accept this because we’re going to need everyone on our team in various situations, but it’s been really impressive so far “

Sophomore forward EJ Liddell became Ohio State’s top scorer – like Sullinger in 2010-11 – but he serves more than a bucket for the Buckeyes

Although Liddell is 15, 1 point per game gives the Buckeyes a boost almost every night, he also makes his presence known on the defensive side, leading Ohio State with 67 rebounds per game while adding a team record 13 blocks per game

Although he didn’t get a start in his freshman campaign, Liddell settled into his new role as the main goal option and defensive-side anchor after the 83-79 victory of Ohio State vs. Penn State Jan 27 – a game in which Liddell hit a pair of free throws to ward off the Nittany Lions – Holtmann pointed to the jumps the Illinois native made in his game as reasons for his success in his second year

“We’ve really trusted [him] for a week or two into the season; obviously we wanted to see him as he was developing his game in sophomore He’s obviously taken a huge leap, ”Holtmann said

Similar to Buford 10 years ago, junior guard Duane Washington Jr leads the Buckeyes with photos taken over the season

Washington’s 146 points per game are ahead of Buford4’s 14 in 2010-11, but the 37-year-old Michigan native is 2% shooting much less effective than Buford’s 462 percent

Despite the Buckeyes’ most consistent shooter drops, Holtmann said Washington’s presence elevates the rest of the squad

“Duane’s charismatic,” Holtmann said on Feb. 4 “People are drawn to him, which is why he has to make sure he has the right things, but he’s incredibly charismatic as a person , so I’m sure it’s contagious “

Junior forward Justin Ahrens fills the sniper role – being the first player since Diebler to shoot at least 469 percent of three and average more than two 3 points per game

Ahrens traditionally sticks to three-way shooting as he averages over 45 more 3-point attempts than 2-point attempts per game Diebler averaged the same shooting differential in 2010-11

With red-shirted senior guard CJ Walker running out of time in January, Ahrens’ role has grown dramatically As the junior striker ran with the new opportunity, Holtmann said he won his role thanks to his recent game

“He creates great gravity for you offensively, opens the floor People naturally hug him and are drawn to him because of his ability to film him so consistently,” Holtmann said 26 “He won this playing time”

As Ohio state landed on the national radar, the Buckeyes leaned heavily on their top leadership in Walker and forward Kyle Young

Holtmann highlighted the value of Walker and Young’s college experience and said it serves as a model for what the program is trying to develop

“I think [veteran leadership] is helping We’ve tried to build in that direction, everyone knows that,” Holtmann said on Feb. 8 “I mentioned the importance of building with guys who have is part of our program, which understand how we do things, where there is some consistency “

With an endgame option, a forward, ground spacer and veteran leadership on the pitch, the role of junior forward Redshirt Sueing is not so clear

Instead of carving out a niche for himself, Sueing adjusted his game to match the team’s needs in each game.

Posting season highs with 19 points, 11 rebounds, five assists, five steals and two blocks, Sueing led the Buckeyes in each of the major statistical categories on at least one occasion throughout the season.

“Just the fact that I feel like I can bring, whether offensively or defensively, anything to the game that coaches need or that my teammates need for us to win,” Sueing said on Saturday “As long as we win, that’s a skill I’m good at”

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Ebene News – United States – Men’s basketball: roles specified and player purchase in the Buckeyes elevator to previous heights

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