Ebene News – United States – Milwaukee vs Toronto: Bucks outmatched by Raptors, 110-96

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For the fifth game in a row, the Milwaukee Bucks would fall again, again to the Toronto Raptors, 110-96

The Bucks would use a hot start from Bryn Forbes to quickly take the lead, but the Raptors would show their granularity and keep things close.However, a 15-point blast in the first quarter from Bucks killer Norman Powell would provide the wind behind the Raptors’ sails to give them a 33-26 advantage after a

Toronto would go into a scramble to start the second quarter which saw them take a double-digit lead and at times leaving the Bucks to seem helpless Milwaukee’s half-court attack halted and they got nothing They also failed to get any quick break points in the first half Meanwhile, the Raptors used consciousness and physicality to increase their lead to 58-41 in half

Things would not improve in Q3 Toronto would continue to implement their will and the Bucks just had no response They would continue to look dizzy and confused – that would be until as Thanasis Antetokounmpo enters the game He would provide a boost of energy and help Milwaukee cut things off to a manageable deficit Transitioning to the fourth quarter, the Bucks found themselves down 13 points, 85-72

It would be pretty much over from that point on.The Bucks had what seemed like a chance when they cut the lead to just ten points, but that quickly evaporated after a 7- run. 0 of the Raptors That would be enough to slam the door and put the dollars to bed They would eventually fall, 110-96

Norman Powell would lead all scorers with 29 points For the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo would lead with 23 points on 8 out of 20 shots

We learned this was another frustrating loss for Bucks fans The team hasn’t seen a five-game losing streak since the 2017 season, so this is certainly uncharted territory for this team However, I think it’s important to remember that players aren’t necessarily as frustrated as fans are.This was illustrated by an answer Giannis gave to Zora Stephenson’s question about the difference between her frustrations with the last year (after a losing skid) and seeing more composure in the face of adversity this season I found this to be an extremely insightful response from Giannis and wanted to share with all of you:

“I’m older Obviously you want to get better, you want to get better, you want to build good habits But the last five games in a row you know you can’t kill yourself We have another one tomorrow C ‘ is a long season I think you are 100% right about last year I would have been like crazy and really frustrated and not talk to anyone after the game But I try to improve myself, to trying to be a better player, a better person, I realize it’s a long season – we have 45 games left and have another one tomorrow To be honest with you, it feels good I like playing against the adversity I like to be knocked down You know because it’s the only way to improve yourself When things are going well and going the way you want you don’t know the other side You don’t feel it Now we feel it ‘other side We feel depressed We can feel like losing five in a row – what it feels like You know, we know what it’s like when our mind isn’t there We know it feels when we don’t play well – when we don’t make punches And when things start out well you don’t wanna come back here You don’t want not get to that mindset that we are right now You want to try and do whatever it takes to avoid it I think this will help us as a team to be tougher mentally, to have to break – this will make us better Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m not frustrated It doesn’t worry me so much We have another one tomorrow We have to go play basketball, play with good energy , everyone gotta bring it – Bucks gotta bring it, I gotta bring it And we might not win tomorrow, but what are our actions about If our actions are right and we’re competitive when we play, I I’m fine I’m good with this “

I swear there wasn’t a single game in his career against Milwaukee that Norman Powell wasn’t completely bonkers He was quick to remind us why he was known as one of the top Bucks killers last night when he immediately landed 15 points in the opening period He was really feeling it from the 3 point arc all night long, exemplified by his four treys on the night When it was all said and done he totaled 29 points which turned out to be the high point of the game I’m not sure if he’s still thinking about the trade the Bucks made where they acquired Greivis Vazquez for a first-round pick (the Raptors would pick Powell then), but man it looks like he’s still in the game. revenge against Milwaukee

Playing just 20 minutes at night, Brook Lopez didn’t see as much action as he totally does

“We finally got a bit of momentum at one point in the third quarter and they play smaller, more guys around the perimeter, more guys who can dribble at the wheel you know we just went with a group different It felt like these guys were playing well, so we kind of put this group together and also went through it in the fourth quarter.”

Lopez would end up with 12 points in 4 of 7 The rationale behind that decision exists, as this group (which included Thanasis) was the most energy the Bucks showed to the whole game and helped them have a chance to fight In the end, they were unable to do so and are hoping for stronger results tomorrow against Oklahoma City

For the second night in a row, the Raptors made life difficult for Khris Middleton by passing him In the first half, he would end up committing five turnovers Here is how Bud saw this question:

“You know, I mean, again we have to put him in better places As coaches we have to give him more space, more opportunities, better outlets We just have to keep going to work on it “

“I don’t think there was much of a difference between the two nights I think I made the same mistakes and just wasn’t strong enough with the ball”

It will be big to see if Middleton is able to bounce back against the Thunder tonight.It is well understood how much of an impact he has on this attack when things click and how far south things can go when he is gone

Milwaukee Bucks, Bucks

Ebene News – United States – Milwaukee vs Toronto: Bucks overtaken by Raptors, 110-96

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