Ebene News – United States – Official mistress of eccentric Thai king has hundreds of nudes reportedly leaked

Palace plot goes digital The King of Thailand faces further embarrassment after 1,400 photos of his official wife were sent to critical journalists

The eccentric billionaire King of Thailand has a number of issues on his golden plate right now

The German government has expressed concern that it is illegally ruling its country from a hotel in the Bavarian Alps, where it has spent much of the year living accompanied by a suite of 20 women Home protests demanding democratic reforms of the country and its rule intensify

Some 1,400 selfies, many of them sexually explicit, were reportedly stolen from Sineenat ‘Koi’ Wongvajirapakdi, 35, and sent to anti-monarchical activists, in what appears to be a very modern twist of age-old rituals of rivalry and intrigue at court

Koi was released earlier this year after spending ten months in a correctional facility She had been accused of quarreling with the Queen, but she has now been declared “intact” and reinstated in her role as the official wife of the King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 68 years old

The alleged nude photos were sent earlier this year to prominent British commentator on Thai affairs Andrew MacGregor Marshall and Pavin Chachavalpongpun, a Thai scholar who lives in Japan and is facing prosecution in Thailand for its criticisms of the monarchy

Marshall told the Daily Beast that he only decided to publicly disclose that he received the photos because Chachavalpongpun had done so Chachavalpongpun released several of the non-explicit images

Marshall told the Daily Beast that in August, around the time Koi was welcomed back into the royal household, he received a letter, sent to an address he no longer lives, containing an SD card. The letter contained what it assumes to be a “bogus return address” which corresponded to German intelligence HQ in Berlin

“I made the decision not to publish them. They were obviously sent to me without his consent, but I just saw that it’s like a game of faction palaces

“Earlier in August my home in Scotland was monitored and a threat was left on the doorstep, so it was a pretty worrying time and the last thing I wanted was to get dragged in. palace politics”

When Chachavalpongpun posted some of the photos and described their contents, claiming that he was doing so to expose the falsity of the image that the Thai royals seek to project, Marshall felt it was appropriate to support and say that he had also received them

“With the timing of all this, this was clearly an attempt to sabotage his return to court,” Marshall said

“In any royal court you have factional fights. It’s a notorious part of palace life. When you’re a monarch with a wife and a queen and appointing a bride it’s a recipe for vicious infighting “

Marshall notes that this is not the first time compromising photos of the Thai royal family have appeared online “There is an impressive amount of nude royal Thai flesh online,” he said.

The King divorced his third wife in 2014 after a video emerged showing them giving a birthday cake to his poodle, Fufu, while she was wearing only a thong and courtiers crawled on the ground in front of them

The existence of the photos will not be reported by local mainstream media in Thailand due to strict bans, but their news is coming back to the country via social media, especially Facebook

Earlier this year, Thailand sought to convince Facebook to suppress a critical group of the monarchy that had over a million members but failed in its attempt

Thailand grapples with deep recession caused by COVID-19 and pivotal tourism trade collapse

Opponents of the royal family have grown emboldened in recent months as student rallies protesting against the establishment have seen their numbers increase

Protesters recently protested by wearing crop tops exposing their stomachs to mock the King, who was pictured wearing similar clothes at German airports and shopping malls

The protests were inflamed by reports of the king’s immense wealth, estimated by the Financial Times of London at between $ 30 billion and $ 40 billion, after the sovereign wealth funds were effectively placed under his direct control by the leaders of a successful coup in 2014

As The Daily Beast recently reported, Vajiralongkorn also allegedly built up an extraordinary fleet of 38 jets and helicopters for the exclusive use of the Thai Royal Family

Tales of his golden life at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmish-Partenkirchen, where his suite of 20 concubines who all received the same name of honor, have also damaged his national and international reputation

Cables written by Eric John when he was US Ambassador to Bangkok, which were published by Wikileaks, detail the king’s odd behavior Cables said he adored his pet dog, Fufu, and gave him the title Air Chief Marshal He allegedly took the dog to a formal dinner “dressed in formal evening attire with paw mittens” where he drank from the guests’ water glasses

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Ebene News – United States – Official mistress of eccentric King of Thailand has hundreds of nudes reportedly fled

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