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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Pose Season 3, Episode 2, “Intervention”, airing Sunday on FX

The ongoing AIDS epidemic hit room host Pray Tell especially hard throughout Pose He lost friends, lovers and even his belief that life is worth living And when The Pose season 3 premiere moved to 1994, the episode made it clear that Pray Tell’s alcoholism was hurting himself and those around him Pose Season 3 Episode 2, titled “Intervention,” addresses this issue head-on. Here is a spoiler-filled recap of what happened

“Intervention” kicks off with Blanca talking to Judy about Pray Tell’s addiction problem While Blanca noticed the worsening of Pray Tell’s condition, Judy has not spoken to her for several weeks due to the fact that ‘they both fought at a memorial service he showed up drunk and loud Blanca and Judy then agree to have an intervention for Pray Tell

In hopes of making this plan a reality, Blanca, Elektra, Lulu, Angel, Papi and Ricky meet with Lisa, a harm reduction counselor Although there are concerns over whether Pray Tell will actually listen, Lisa Guides them through the process of holding an intervention for him Basically, Lisa wants them to write letters to Pray Talk about her behavior To prepare for the situation, Blanca reads a sample letter she wrote Lisa, for her part, is pretending to be Pray Tell.However, a brawl ensues and it is revealed why Damon is conspicuously absent from the procedure: he relapsed and moved to his cousin’s in Charleston. Blanca complains that she couldn’t save her son, but Elektra comforts her

However, a new problem soon arises: who is going to pay for Pray Tell’s drug rehab? Elektra quickly comes up with a plan and aims to win them the prize for an upcoming ballroom Elektra then begins training her family to get back in shape for a ballroom in her hard way. This is how Elektra calls “Operation Get Pray Off That Brown Liquor”

Pray Tell isn’t the only person falling apart due to addiction, however Lulu and Angel’s drug spiral continues, as the two become paranoid about whether their friends know that. they consumed When Papi comes home they hide their meds, but he’s still clearly unhappy that Lulu is there Papi tells Lulu to leave and sets up his own personal intervention for Angel, saying he won’t marry her if she does. still uses drugs As Angel accuses Papi of cheating on her, he tells her it’s just drug paranoia talking “I love you,” he said “I’m just trying to help [] We have a chance to have a good life, but you have to choose us instead of this pipe “

At one point, Lulu has a different kind of intervention with her own mother In order to make her ball vision a reality, Elektra tells Lulu that she is going to replace her with Pray Tell for the lip-syncing category, which angers the young woman From there Elektra confronts Lulu about her drug use and tells her that she needs to clean up.Even when Lulu agrees to clean up, Elektra sticks to what she said and tells her that she will work as a seamstress in behind the scenes

Blanca and Christopher finally meet her parents for dinner Christopher’s parents prove to be incredibly friendly at first, and the new couple reveal they met at work. , asks Blanca if she wants to have children Blanca says she already has four children, in reference to the Evangelista House, which confuses the parents Christopher tries to change the subject, but the whole situation turns out to be incredibly embarrassing, because his parents seem to despise her for who she is and where she came from

At the ball itself, the House of Evangelista dominates the House of Khan arrived from Lemar when Elektra destroys Nefertiti on the ground They are followed by Pray Tell and Lemar in the lip-syncing category Candy Refrain While the lip-syncing of Lemar with Janet Jackson’s “If” is excellent, a judge chooses to give him a nine instead of 10, which invokes his anger Pray Tell then takes the floor and surpasses Lemar and gets dozens for his performance of “My Lovin ‘(You’re Never Gonna Get It) En Vogue “

Lemar, as you might expect, explodes on the result, demanding a recount When Pray Tell tries to slap him, Lemar pulls a knife, causing Ricky to run up and disarm the head of the House of Khan. However, everything is interrupted when Pray Tell’s friend Castle has a seizure and an ambulance shows up to take him away.Castle, who is HIV-positive, mixed drinks with methadone he had taken earlier.While Pray Tell initially wants to leave the balloon and pick up Castle from the hospital, Blanca convinces him to stay and defeat the house of Khan

When everyone returns to the ball, Lemar walks up and begins to apologize for pulling a knife at Pray Tell. Soon however, he turns to insults, saying of Castle, “It must be difficult.” to watch someone you love slowly disappear And to see your own future “Pray, who is also HIV positive, responds by hitting Lemar

Then the House of Evangelists meets for a dinner that quickly turns into an intervention for Pray Tell They tell him that they have made arrangements for him to go to rehab, and Pray Tell, for his part. , seems amicably shocking with their plan, although he soon tells them not to waste their money Papi then inadvertently reveals that Lisa asked them to write letters for Pray Tell, and chaos ensues

Praying doesn’t react well to what his loved ones tell him After Ricky gives her boyfriend an ultimatum on their relationship, Pray explodes and starts insulting him Pray then starts asking Elektra and Blanca about their own behavior and Their Problems Things get especially nasty when Pray tells Blanca that Christopher is only keeping her because she’s an “HIV charity case” “Papi jumps up to defend Blanca, but Pray calls Angel a crackhead Right before he leaves , Pray tells them not to judge him when they have so many problems of their own

Back in Pray and Ricky’s apartment, the latter executes his threat and packs his bags Ricky says he won’t stay in a relationship like his mother’s, while Pray claims his childhood was ruined in which he was called worthless is precisely the reason he drinks Pray says he likes the way alcohol makes him feel and doesn’t want to face withdrawal or talk about his problem with a group of strangers “Who am I hurt,” Pray asks, just hours after almost everyone – including Ricky – tells him he’s hurting them

As Ricky tries to leave, Pray berates and insults him about everything from his HIV diagnosis to his level of education.Things get worse when Pray grabs Ricky’s bags and begins to piss him off. knocking However, soon Pray collapses crying and begs Ricky not to leave Things turn around again, however, when Ricky says he can’t stay, which causes Pray to yell at him to leave

From there, Pose turns to Angel and Papi back in their apartment Papi, for his part, has made a big meal for Angel, who is suspicious of his intentions And Papi has good news: Calvin Klein wants Angel for her new fragrance Angel, however, has something more important going on She reveals to Papi that she’s talked to Lisa and told her about her drug use and her lies Angel decides instead to focus on sobriety and Papi expresses support for his choice

And in an episode loaded with relationship issues, Pose switches to Blanca and Christopher.As the latter tries to empathize with Blanca over Pray’s failed intervention, she quickly follows a tip from Elektra earlier in “Intervention” and confronts him about not having been more supportive during the dinner with his family Christopher insists his family’s opinion of Blanca doesn’t matter, and he promises to make it clear at an impromptu dinner later that night

This time, when Christopher’s mother starts to get patronizing, Blanca responds to her about her classism and reveals that she’s trans. Angie then claims she’s not a fanatic, and she immediately follows that up by being As Christopher and Blanca leave he lays the law with his mother and says he loves Blanca and that she will lose him if she can’t accept this

After his confrontation with Ricky, Pray goes to his fellow Facilitators Council and asks to join the group.At first they roast him on his terrible outfit, but soon they kiss him and accept him again. However, Pray quickly learns that Castle is released from the hospital and taken his pills to a hotel room, echoing a suicide plan he shared with Pray earlier in “Intervention”

When he arrives at the hotel, Pray finds Castle alive While he was planning on overdosing, Castle decided not to kill himself The two cry together and agree to get sober And as “Intervention” ends. ends, Blanca indeed helps save Pray in rehab, opening up the possibility of a brighter future – a future without self-hatred and addiction.

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals, Pose stars Mj Rodriguez as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista, Dominique Jackson as Elektra Wintour, Billy Porter as Pray Tell, Indya Moore as Angel Evangelista , Ryan Jamaal Swain as Damon Richards-Evangelista, Hailie Sahar as Lulu Ferocity, Angel Bismark Curiel as Esteban “Lil Papi” Martinez-Evangelista and Dyllón Burnside as Ricky Wintour New episodes airing Sundays on FX

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