Ebene News – United States – Rush Limbaugh, far-right provider of hate and grievance who has spent decades attacking much of America, has died at 70

Rush Limbaugh, the far-right radio host, provider of hate and grievances including lies and attacks on LGBTQ, black, Hispanic and other people of color, from equality, feminism, science, democracy, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, many Democrats, people with diseases and humane treatment of people in general have harmed America, has died at the age of 70 His wife announced his death Wednesday morning, after years of battling lung cancer

Limbaugh saw his grades drop when he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” in early 2012

His lies have spanned decades, including recently, January 20, 2021, claiming that President Joe Biden and the Democrats “did not legitimately win” the presidency

BREAKING: Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh died at age 70 of complications from lung cancer During his decades-long media career, he used his platform to promote racism, the Islamophobia, misogyny and conspiracy theories imageTwittercom / YnKuwjqWMO

Rush Limbaugh, a radio pioneer who saturated America’s airwaves with cruel bigotry, lies and conspiracy theories for more than three decades, rallying a loyal following of millions and transforming the Republican Party in the process, is deceased https: // tco / 2YyjXihzHz

After writing that Rush Limbaugh shouldn’t be allowed to buy an NFL team because of his years of racist racism, he called me a “state media scum” on his show Put That Shit On A business card

If Rush Limbaugh spoke of white people conservatives in & as he did the rest of us, his death would be seen as the end of an extremist who inspired and encouraged intolerance and hatred against much of the country Instead, he’s a GOP hero Tells you everything

A crucial part of Limbaugh and his legacy was how mean he was.A presidential candidate and then president who poked fun at people with disabilities obviously didn’t follow Sean Hannity or even Glenn Beck But Limbaugh’s ostentatious cruelty was definitely a harbinger

I challenge you to read what he said about minorities, blacks, gays, women, sexual consent, torture, the climate, even the January 6 attack, and find there things to rent

your reminder that when Jerry Garcia died, Rush Limbaugh called him “just another dead dope and a bag of dust”

I said what I had to say about Rush Limbaugh a year ago He turned the theories of cruelty, fanaticism and conspiracy into huge audiences, fabulous wealth and influence practically unrivaled on Republican politics for three decades that culminated in Trump https: // tco / tSOCGe46v8

Rush Limbaugh was endowed with enormous talents which ultimately gave him a massive and influential platform He could have used it to raise many oppressed, poor or suffering He did not He used it as a weapon to the cruel powerful & A costly diversion of potential & talents

Rush Limbaugh was a cowardly white supremacist He aggressively and cynically exploited the divisions in our country by activating hatred and bigotry for his personal gain He was in the service of his own greed, prejudice and hypocrisy, and this is how history will remember him

Rush Limbaugh was a lying bastard who got rich by being racist and sexist shit The world is worse just because he existed and we’re better off with him gone

Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton a dog when she was 12, racist as hell, misogynist; and homophobic

“Figure It Out, Chump”: Ted Cruz laughs at “fraud” for attacking California now that millions of people in Texas have lost power

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“Steaming Pile of Dishonest Garbage”: Tucker Carlson criticized for “Lie” Texas Power Grid “Totally Reliant on Windmills”

“Red Meat to the Qanon Crowd”: “Vile” Kayleigh McEnany burned for twisting Biden’s words when he said he loves children

‘Former game show host’: Trump scoffs after launching vicious attack on McConnell in an attempt to publicize his new PAC

“It just depends on the weather”: the head of the Texas Power Agency has no idea when millions of people will recover electricity

Texas politicians apparently like to attack other US states in their endless promotion of the Lone Star State as some kind of nirvana, totally independent of the United States of America Even their tourist advertising slogan makes it clear that Texas does not wants nothing to do with the rest of America: “Texas is like a whole other country”

Governor Gregg Abbott often attacks the Golden State, sometimes with bizarre statements revealing a desperate rivalry, at least on the part of Texas:

I just signed a resolution that #Texas is the official Texas hashtag TAKE THAT #California #txlege #toomanylaws

Texas beats California again: Toyota moves headquarters from California to Texas I’ll make TX the best place for business http: // tco / mJvWuix2nD

But it’s this tweet from Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz, still under fire for his role in the January 6 insurgency, that has a lot of people laughing at him

Last summer, California suffered from power outages following “an extreme heat wave caused by climate change”

Rather than expressing sympathy, or saying nothing at all, Cruz launched a petty attack on California for being “unable to perform even basic civilization functions, such as having reliable electricity”

Millions of Texans are now without power amid a winter storm that caused snow to fall and temperatures below freezing Dallas-Fort Worth Airport experienced a negative temperature of 1 Tuesday morning degree

Texas is in crisis and to be fair the only ones who should be ridiculed or criticized are those who contributed to the failure of the political systems that contributed to this catastrophe, and who refused to accept and respond. to the reality of climate change People in Texas are suffering and some have died

Hey @tedcruz, why can’t Texas perform the basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity? https: // tco / XktJ5M4ADp

This is the first 30 minute period of power I’ve had since waking up today

Hi Ted! It was 5 below when I got up this morning, it’s 7 above and it’s snowing like crazy now here in Wisconsin and everyone has electricity!

Do you have any other hot outlets for the people of Texas to heat their homes right now, Ted?

My parents were without power for almost 24 hours in Houston, they haven’t even gone out of power in Houston anymore Looks like the Republicans took energy for granted and didn’t invest enough in the Texas power grid

The peril of karmic recovery is often boomerangs on people who don’t deserve it – in this case, the #disabled, the elderly, and the chronically ill who are most affected by the climate crisis in Texas https: // tco / fagnPHYOiH

ted cruz is the only person in texas you’re allowed to be a sufficient asshole right now

Please direct all your annoying posts about the current situation here at ted cruz in particular https: // tco / zP5dc2dkT7

Ted continues to fight @AOC But your governor, who called for an end to the United States last week, didn’t have Biden’s support yesterday …? How about working for your constituents in Texas and quitting fighting, spreading bullshit lies https: // tco / 49JAxtRfIs

“At the time, I didn’t think it was dangerous,” Haley told POLITICO magazine’s Tim Alberta in an extensive profile published Friday.

Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina who oversaw the removal of the Confederate flag from state house after the Charleston Church massacre that left nine black Americans in a Bible study group of the slaughtered historic African Methodist Episcopal Church “Mother Emanuel”, spoke of the “big lie” then – President Trump’s lie that the election was stolen from him, that he actually won his re-election

“There was nothing to fear for him when I was working for him I mean he might have been brash He might have been blunt But he was someone who cared about the country… I always agree I don’t think we should ever apologize for the policies we fought for and the things we did in his four years “

“Since the election …” she paused “I mean, I’m deeply disturbed by what happened to her”

“What happened to him”? Is that so? What about what happened to the nation because of him? What about the seven or more people who died as a result of the January 6 uprising he sparked? The 140 wounded police officers of the Capitol? What about American democracy?

Haley repeated these feelings during a two-hour conversation: “I never thought he would get away with this… I don’t feel like I know who he is anymore… La no one I’ve worked with is the one I’ve watched since the election “

Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake quotes a June 2016 Post article titled “SC Gov Nikki Haley Warns Trump’s Rhetoric Could Lead to Violent Tragedy”

“At the time, I didn’t think it was dangerous I didn’t think there was anything to fear about her”

As South Carolina nears the first anniversary of a racially motivated massacre at a Charleston church, Gov Nikki Haley (right) said Thursday that her party’s potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, had to change its divisive rhetoric

“I know what this rhetoric can do,” Haley told The Associated Press on Thursday “I’ve seen it happen”

Was Haley really surprised that Trump, who has spent the previous four years making up allegations of massive voter fraud, is trying to destabilize the democratic process? If the answer is yes, as she insists, it raises a fundamental question about her discernment.If she so misinterpreted Trump – a man whose habits and methods she had ample opportunity to study closely – then how can do we trust him to manage people like Vladimir Putin? “

The Russian translator, the only American to have heard several secret conversations between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin, would of course never reveal what the two world leaders said in private, but she did reveal a disturbing fact about their relationship

Putin attacked America in the years leading up to the 2016 presidential election, helped Trump win the White House, and took advantage of his mysterious relationship with the billionaire real estate mogul turned disgraced and impeached president twice Russia has since attacked the US, including with its money to kill US soldiers’ bonus program and its continued attacks on the US elections

Russia is seen as America’s enemy by most national security experts, but Trump never treated it as an enemy His much-criticized meeting with Putin in Helsinki, during which he said he had no reason to believe that Russia attacked the 2016 election, made it clear

Russian translator Marina Gross, a longtime State Department employee, was “the interpreter who was the only other American in the room for Trump and Putin’s one-on-one meeting in Helsinki,” Business Insider reported in 2019

On Tuesday, Politico reported that the Biden administration would be able to access the secret archives that Trump and his national security team were hiding in classified top-secret servers. Among these recordings are notes of his calls and meetings with Poutine

“Trump’s interactions with Putin and other Russian officials were certainly a far cry from the normally carefully choreographed talks between world leaders – Trump early in his term went so far as to leak classified information to Russian diplomats in the office oval, “Politico noted

For years, Trump wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and was much further along than most believed when he announced his run for president, Buzzfeed reported And according to his now former lawyer Michael Cohen, was working on this deal even when he was the Republican presidential candidate in June 2016, the month before he was officially declared a candidate for his party.

Trump may have had some secret deals with Putin or deals the Biden team will find out soon

There’s a hint Marina Gross shared that potentially makes these records important and potentially damaging to the former president

“Marina Gross,” says Politico, “who has interpreted many of Trump’s calls and meetings with Putin, told her associates that eavesdropping on their conversations often resembled eavesdropping on two friends chatting in a bar, according to a former manager”

Barely how would the leader of the free world be supposed to treat the head of the regime, some have called a state sponsor of terrorism

‘Ruled by the stupid’: Texas slammed GOP’s ‘typical Yee-Haw thought’ after $ 2 million power loss in blizzard

‘Stop the Steal’: Trump’s defense attorney mocks after appearing at ‘Pocket’ impeachment trial coasters (video)

McConnell is taking action to ensure he is not replaced by a Democrat if he leaves office early

“We didn’t send him over there to do the right thing”: County GOP chairman slams Republican senator for impeachment vote

Watch: Brian Sims announces run for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania – “We need adults in the room”

“Fix your lie”: Politifact burned for scoring VP Harris says Trump had no vaccine plan to be “bogus”

Meghan McCain slammed for suggesting barbed wire fences erected around Congress due to impeachment

Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Republican Party, Joe Biden

Ebene News – US – Far-right provider of hate and grievances Rush Limbaugh, who has spent decades attacking much of America, died at 70

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