Ebene News – United States – Sources: Eagles trade Wentz to Colts for 2 picks

Adam Schefter breaks down details of Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz trade to Indianapolis Colts (1:31)

The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round pick in 2021 and a conditional second-round pick in 2022 that could turn into a first-round, said league sources at ESPN

The Eagles will receive the 85th overall pick in this year’s draft, and the conditional second round may become a first-round pick depending on Wentz’s playing time, sources say Wentz must play at least 75% of Colts’ offensive snaps for 2022 conditional pick to pass in a first round, sources say

The pick could also become a first round if Wentz plays at least 70% of the snaps and the Colts reach the playoffs.But worst the 2022 pick could be is a second round, which means the Eagles are guaranteed to win two valuable choices for Wentz

The Eagles and Colts have spent much of the past two weeks trying to finalize the trade, which can’t be officially dealt with until the New Year begins in the NFL on March 17.

The Eagles will take $ 33 8 million dead-cap hit – the biggest hit-dead-cap a team has ever mistaken for a player – while the Colts will take the balance of the $ 128 million expansion de Wentz, including the guaranteed $ 10 million match bonus due March 19

Each team leaves the deal with what they wanted on all fronts: Wentz will reunite with Colts head coach Frank Reich, his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, and help fill the void left by the retirement of Philip Rivers, while the Eagles will likely look to Jalen Hurts, although they also intend to compete for him.The Eagles’ starting job shouldn’t automatically go to Hurts

Trading Wentz marks the end of an unexpected chapter and year with the Eagles Wentz has gone from a former MVP candidate to the Hurts backup – a rookie second-round pick in 2020 – while his relationship with former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson broke up

Wentz wanted to leave Philadelphia – despite the Eagles hiring former Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni as their new head coach

Less than three weeks after the Rams traded Jared Goff, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, to the Lions for compatriot Matthew Stafford, the Eagles have now traded the No. 2 pick in the same draft. for the Colts

The Eagles signed Wentz for a four-year, $ 128 million extension in June 2019, indicating their belief that he was the long-term answer to the quarterback

But the relationship deteriorated in a tough 2020 season in which Wentz placed 34th in the NFL in completion percentage (574%) and first in interceptions (15) and sacks (50) despite being benched in favor of Hurts for Philadelphia’s last four games

Wentz, 28, appeared to be on a path to stardom in Philadelphia after throwing 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in 2017 while charging the MVP hard before tearing multiple knee ligaments in December He developed a stress fracture in his back the following season, but managed to throw 48 touchdowns with 14 interceptions over the next two years.

But the rift widened between Wentz and Pederson; a source told ESPN’s Tim McManus that Pederson had deprived Wentz of much of his control over the offense as injuries and casualties mount in 2020, and Wentz’s confidence in Pederson’s system was lost

Pederson was sacked last month following a 4-11-1 season after he and owner Jeffrey Lurie could not agree on a shared vision for the future But Sirianni’s hiring didn’t change Wentz’s mind about his willingness to leave Philadelphia, a sign that there were trust issues that extended beyond Pederson.

The Eagles traded twice in the draft to select Wentz out of North Dakota state, and Wentz validated that decision early on He owns the franchise-season record for completions (388) , completion percentage (696), passing yards (4039) and touchdowns (33)

Wentz is also one of six quarterbacks in NFL history to record more than 20 touchdowns and 10 or fewer interceptions in three consecutive seasons, joining Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson He was named the first All Pro team and made his only Pro Bowl appearance in 2017

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Ebene News – United States – Sources: Eagles trade Wentz to Colts for 2 choice

Source: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30923798/sources-philadelphia-eagles-trade-qb-carson-wentz-indianapolis-colts-two-draft-picks