Ebene News – United States – Texas Mayor: We’re just trying to keep people alive and safe for the next two days

Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler said Thursday that city officials “were just trying to keep people alive and safe” for the next few days as hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity due to crippling winter storm that hit the state

Adler told CNN’s “New Day” that the situation in Austin was “quite dire” as issues such as snow and ice, sub-zero temperatures, power outages and lack of heat and water continued to accumulate for residents

“It’s too much to ask of anyone,” he said, noting the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic “People are angry, confused and frustrated and so am I.”

The mayor, a Democrat, called on Texas government Greg Abbott (right) and other state officials to provide “a better explanation” of what happened and what will be done to avoid similar problems in the future He acknowledged that the current priority is to help people get water, heat, food and shelter

“The truth is, right now we’re just trying to keep people alive and safe for the next couple of days, so that’s where all of our attention is,” Adler told CNN.

“Someone needs to explain what happened here – why we came to this place,” he added. “We also need an explanation and an understanding of how we will not be staying here again “

When CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Adler who or what was to blame, the mayor said it was “very clear” that the Texas power grid “was not hardened to withstand the very hot temperatures. low “and asked the declare” better regulate our electrical system “

“Someone needs to explain what happened here and an understanding of how we’re not going to come back here,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler, adding he expects what the governor and the leaders of Texas “give us a better explanation” https: // tco / KW1cpfNANP picTwittercom / gHfvmQgjSC

Texas has been hit by a winter storm and low temperatures in recent days, prompting its network operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), to order power outages starting Monday due to the high demand

The order sparked a massive backlash, with millions of people without power on Tuesday and Wednesday, although by Thursday that number fell to more than 530,000 without power, according to a power outageus Abbott called on state legislature to investigate ERCOT due to operator response to disaster

Austin Energy also warned on Wednesday that its customers could go without power for a week or more

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Ebene News – United States – Mayor of Texas: We’re just trying to keep people alive and safe for the next two days

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